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Laundry Shop Management System using Django in Python

This project is entitled Laundry Shop Management System. This is a web-based application developed in Python and Django Framework. This project provides an online and automated platform for laundry shop businesses to manage their daily transactions. The application allows the said business management of staff to record their daily services and sales with their customers. The application has a pleasant user interface using the Bootstrap Framework. It also consists of user-friendly features and functionalities.

About the Laundry Shop Management System

I developed this project using the following:

  • Python
  • Django
  • SQLite3
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • Fontawesome
  • Bootstrap v5

This Laundry Shop Management System Project is only accessible to the Laundry Shop's Management. It requires the staff to log in with their valid user credentials in order to gain access to the features and functionalities of this application. The users can be only registered by the admin users or the Django superuser. The admin user can register users using either the site user interface or Django's admin panel side.

The application allows the management to list all the types of laundries they accept with the price or rate of each type per kilogram. Users can also list and manage the products their shop offers such as liquid detergent and etc. The management can dynamically add, edit, and delete products on the system. They can also monitor the available stock of every product. The main feature of this project application is the Transaction Page. The Transaction Page allows the management to store, manage, or print receipt for each customer's transaction. The said feature contains client details, a list of laundry, a list of products used, and the total payable amount. The application also generates a printable Daily Transaction Report.


  • Login
  • Home
    • Displays the Summary
  • Laundry Type Management
    • Add New Laundry Type
    • List Laundry Types
    • Update Laundry Type Details
    • View Laundry Type Details
    • Delete Laundry Type
  • Products Management
    • Add New Products
    • List Products
    • Update Products Details
    • View Products Details
    • Display Stock In History
    • Edit/Delete Stockin History
    • List Sales History
    • Delete Products
  • Transaction Management
    • Add New Transaction
    • List Transactions
    • Update Transaction Details
    • View Transaction Details
    • Print Transaction Receipt
    • Delete Transaction
  • Users Management
    • Add New Users
    • List Users
    • Update Users Details
    • Delete Users
  • Profile Page
  • Update Profile Details
  • Update Password
  • Logout

Sample Snapshots

Home Page

Laundry Shop Management System

Laundry Type List

Laundry Shop Management System

Product Details Page

Laundry Shop Management System

Transaction Form

Laundry Shop Management System

Transaction Receipt - Print View

Laundry Shop Management System

Daily Transaction Report Page

Laundry Shop Management System

Daily Transaction Report - Print View

Laundry Shop Management System

The system source code is free to download on this project and only for educational purposes only. The source code is not that so tricky which means not that difficult to understand. Feel free to download and modify the source code the way you wanted.

How to Run

Download/Install the following

  • Python (I used v3.9.1)
  • PIP (for python modules installation)


  1. Download and Extract the provided source code zip file. (download button is located below)
  2. Open your Terminal/Command Prompt window. (make sure to add "python" and "pip" in your environment variables)
  3. Change the working directory to the extracted source code folder. i.e. cd C:\Users\Personal-23\Desktop\django_lsms
  4. Run the following commands:
    • pip install -r requirements.txt
    • python migrate
    • python runserver
  5. Keep the terminals open and running.
  6. Open a web browser and browse http://localhost:8000/ or

Note: I might forget to list some other modules/libraries. Kindly Install the missing modules if any occurred.

Access Information for AdminSite

Username: admin
Password: admin123

DEMO VIDEO for the Django's Admin Site.

That's it! I hope this will help you with what you are looking for. Maybe you'll find this Laundry Shop Management System useful and can help you with your future Python Django Projects.

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Enjoy :)

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Submitted byUmar Shehu (not verified)on Mon, 04/17/2023 - 19:06

Hello Dear, I downloaded this code for laundry shop but after following all the steps you explained to run, the migration didnt run successfully. It shows errors. Kindly explain to me how to go about these errors and get this program run smoothly. Thank you. Umar

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