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In today's digital age, where the sheer volume of passwords and sensitive information is constantly growing, the need for efficient and secure password management tools has become more critical than ever. Many individuals and organizations struggle to manage and protect their access credentials, often leading to vulnerabilities and security risks. To address this challenge, the "Password Manager App Using PHP" is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for secure password management and user registration.

This system project aims to create a user-friendly web application that empowers users to store, organize, and protect their valuable account credentials while ensuring their data is readily accessible when needed. Leveraging PHP, a popular server-side scripting language, the project integrates essential web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to create an intuitive and robust password management platform.

This comprehensive system encompasses an essential user login and registration mechanism, which serves as the gateway for users to access and interact with its features. It leverages the powerful CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations to efficiently manage the wealth of account data within its database. Also, it used PDO API for connecting into the PHP MySQL database. 

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Key Features of the "Password Manager App Using PHP" include:

  1. User Registration and Authentication: Users can register for an account, providing essential details such as their name, phone number, email address, username, and password. The system employs robust authentication mechanisms to secure user accounts and ensure data privacy.

  2. Login and User Sessions: Registered users can log in to the system securely. User sessions are maintained to authenticate and authorize access to user-specific data and functionalities.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: The project offers an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interface that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

  4. Add, View, Edit, and Delete Accounts: Users can efficiently add new accounts, view their stored account details, edit existing entries, and delete records. The system also offers password visibility toggle and the option to include links and descriptions.

  5. Responsive Design: The web application employs responsive design principles to ensure a seamless user experience across various devices and screen sizes.

  6. Data Management: The system integrates a backend database, which stores account information securely. Users can quickly access, update, and organize their stored account details.

  7. Role-Based Access: The system differentiates between user roles, granting registered users access to their personal data while keeping others out.

  8. Data Sorting and Searching: Users can easily search for specific accounts or sort their entries, making it convenient to find the required information promptly.

  9. Data Export: The ability to export account details ensures users can securely back up their data or migrate to other systems.

Sample Screenshots of the Project:

Login Page

Login Page

Registration Page

Registration Page

Landing Page / List of Accounts

Accounts List

User Details

User Details

Edit User Details

Edit User Details


Edit Account

Edit Account

Delete Account Confirmation

Delete Account

Password Show when Clicked

Show Password

How to Run?

  • Download and Install XAMPP.
  • Download the provided source code zip file.

Note: The database is included on the provided zip file.


  • Transfer the provided source code to the htdocs folder.
  • Create a database named "password_manager_db" in phpMyAdmin MySQL.
  • Import the provided SQL file into the created database.


In this digital era, where online security is paramount, the "Password Manager App Using PHP" offers an elegant solution to the complex problem of password and account management. It not only simplifies the process but also enhances security, safeguarding users from potential cyber threats.

With this project, individuals and organizations can take control of their digital identities, streamline their online activities, and protect their vital account information. Whether used for personal or professional purposes, this password manager system equips users with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the online world with confidence and security.

That's it! I hope this "Password Manager App Using PHP" will assist you on your programming journey, providing value to your current and upcoming PHP projects.

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