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A project requirement for ITCS 310

The proposed study is basically application software that is flexible in different kinds of subject. This study comprised about broad knowledge in the said topic manner. It includes pictures and images to further describe the lessons. The proposed study was a Computer Aided Instruction program that was developed using Visual Basic 2010 which helped the researchers to deliver their interface with ease. Like other CAI, there was a given test at the end of each lesson which measured or evaluated the user's or the student's understanding of each lesson given about specific topic and also at the end of all the lessons, taken by the user, there is a summary of all the accumulated scores got based from the quizzes taken with the a corresponding percentage and equivalent remarks for it.
In the proposed system, there is an admin side that enables user to customize the text headings of the main form, description, test questionnaire, chapters and logo section; It can save test record after taking examination; And also capable of reading text description based the topic description of the specific chapter.

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