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E-Learning System Using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

E-Learning System is a web based system that aims to make the role of teachers easier in making their lessons, activities and quizzes. The function of this is, the teacher can upload his lesson whether it’s a video or a pdf file. He can also set questions of quizzes or activities based on the lesson that he uploaded. The students need to create an account first so they can log-in and they can now view the lesson and take the quiz. And if the student already has an account he has now an access to download and view the videos/pdf files.

Pisay Online E-Learning System using PHP/MySQL

This is an Online E-Learning System for Philippine Science High School - Caraga Region Campus. This system uses PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap templates, JQuery and MYSQL database. In the admin side, they can create their list of lessons, upload, edit, and delete the lessons or the contents. It has a module also for creating exercises with lists of questions with adding, editing, and deleting the

Computer Aided Instruction

A project requirement for ITCS 310 The proposed study is basically application software that is flexible in different kinds of subject. This study comprised about broad knowledge in the said topic manner. It includes pictures and images to further describe the lessons. The proposed study was a Computer Aided Instruction program that was developed using Visual Basic 2010 which helped the