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Transmutation Table for Grade Scores Android Apps

This simple android mobile application is a DYNAMIC transmutation table for grade scores and grade percentage equivalent. The TRANSMUTATION TABLE is a matrix of raw scores with their corresponding percentage score based on the total number of items. It also serves as a guide for Teachers/Instructors/Professors to get the raw score’s percentage equivalent. APK installer is now ready to download

Taekwondo Scorer Pro

This apps is a Taekwondo Scorer in your hand using your android mobile phones and tablets. Please install the APK installer to see the apps in action. Please give your comments so that I can add more features on this simple apps. With this application you can learn how write code to manipulated time, mp3 playing and phone vibrate in android apps. The complete source code will be uploaded at www

Basketball Score Board for Android Phones

This simple apps is a personal basketball scoreboard in your android phones. This apps includes a countdown timer per quarter, score monitor, foul monitor, and quarter/period monitor. The phone will vibrate and activate the buzzer at the end of each quarter. The complete source code is available at Please install the apk installer to see the apps in action.

Menus and submenus in Android demo

This simple little program is easy to create and can add variety and value to your Android programs. The action bar (Menus) is a window feature that identifies the application and user location, and provides user actions and navigation modes. You should use the action bar in most activities that need to prominently present user actions or global navigation, because the action bar offers users a