Menus and submenus in Android demo

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This simple little program is easy to create and can add variety and value to your Android programs.

The action bar (Menus) is a window feature that identifies the application and user location, and provides user actions and navigation modes. You should use the action bar in most activities that need to prominently present user actions or global navigation, because the action bar offers users a consistent interface across applications and the system gracefully adapts the action bar's appearance for different screen configurations.

The primary goals of the action bar are to:
• Provide a dedicated space for identifying the application brand and user location.
• Provide consistent navigation and view refinement across different applications.
• Make key actions for the activity (such as "search", "add", "delete", etc.) prominent and accessible to the user in a predictable way.


For technical support you may send your inquiry at [email protected] or you may contact me at 09351998998.

Hobert Starks always at your service!


You did not notice my reference:

You cited the android.developers Action Bar words, and it sounds like your own words, but they are not.
That is known as Plagiarism. You should have given credit to Google and linked to the original source.

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