Basketball Score Board for Android Phones

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This simple apps is a personal basketball scoreboard in your android phones.

This apps includes a countdown timer per quarter, score monitor, foul monitor, and quarter/period monitor.

The phone will vibrate and activate the buzzer at the end of each quarter.

The complete source code is available at

Please install the apk installer to see the apps in action.


sorry for disturbing bot there is no code source
only the .apk file exists

sir pwede hinge ng full version nito sir?

very nice app.......


Installer is for free, You can download the apk installer here at sourcecodester. You can request for a complete source code here at [email protected]. Thanks!

Sir wala po bang ibang way para pabuy itong software nio? 4 paypal lang ba saka credit card? Im just a student sir hinde po ba pdeng personal nalang bayaran? Thanks

sir if it is possible to have an adriod application w/o a database.?
or i can creat it by simple using a andrion programming.?


You can create an android apps with or without database. It depends on the application. Happy coding!

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