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HTML/CSS Source Code

Free HTML/CSS Source Code. Download 10 latest HTML/CSS projects with source code for free here.

SVG Basic Shapes

This project will teach you how to create basic shapes of SVG. SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) is an XML-based vector image for two dimensional graphics which also support animation. I have here first an example of the basic shapes. Consider this as a steps in learning SVG. Hope you learn from this.

CSS Image Hover Effects

This project will teach you how different effect on hover using CSS. No javascript or jQuery codes used. With just few lines of css codes, you can be able to have these effects. I have here two examples of effect when hovered, blur and grayscale. We have to use the transition property in order to do this. For blur effect, we have to set blur to 5px. And for grayscale, we have to set grayscale to

Changing Colors Animation Using CSS

This project will teach you how to create continuously changing colors animation using CSS3. We have to define individual keyframes at percentage points(0% is the starting and 100% is the ending) or we can use from/to keywords. We also have to set the background-color. On the 0% is blue , 25% is red, 50% is green, 75% is purple and then 100% is blue. The colors will continuously change every

Image Rotate Using CSS

This project will teach you on how to rotate an image using CSS. No javascript code or jQuery, just pure CSS. In my example, I have a blade image with transparent background. With the use of @keyframes animation in css, the image rotate like a windmill. This is very easy to do with just a few lines of codes. Hope you learn from this.

Creating Shapes in CSS

This project will teach you on how to create a different shapes using CSS. We can create shapes in our web page without including images. This is simple but very useful. This is for the newbie in programming. I have here an example of triangles(left, right, up, bottom), circle, quarter circle and half circle. Hope you learn from this.