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HTML/CSS Source Code

Free HTML/CSS Source Code. Download 10 latest HTML/CSS projects with source code for free here.

CSS3 Hinge Effect

This project will teach you some animations using the CSS3 and jQuery. In my example, I used my previous project Comment Box. When the user wants to delete comments, the box will be animated using hinge effect. You can try this with your present project. This is easy and cool animation. Hope you learn from this.

Image Mapping in HTML

This project will teach you on how to image map using html. This is easy and simple project. Image mapping has the ability to hyperlink areas of the image to multiple destination. Just like my example, I have one image with with 6 boxes which contains different browser in each box. I set the coords of each box and link to it's preferred destination. The first 2 figures of the coords is the x, y


You'll find six pre-built CSS classes that will apply the 3D effect in six different colors. You'll also find classes for five different font variations, served up via Google Fonts. To make it easier to add your own colors, I've added additional style sheets built with Sass and LESS. These use a mixin that only requires you to set a single color, from there the preprocessor takes care of the rest.

Hint in CSS

This project will teach you on how to create a tooltip. I have here an example of where we can position tooltips. We can put it on the top, left, right, and in bottom. And also some notifications like system error, for information and warning. The "hint.css" is written as a pure CSS tooltip library which you can use to create cool tooltips for your site. Hope you will enjoy it