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A complete scientific calculator having all the functionalities, it also contains conversions for many constants.It is developed in 2008
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it just like a calculator but i want details about it
how we can apply coding for making scientific calcolator?????????

can you give us the code
of scientific calculator using

Thank you very much, it help me in my project

we want abstract and ER diagrams of scientific calculator.
so please give copies of it at [email protected]

Is it really works? Without an errors

i need more codes of scientific calculator in visual basic 6.0 please help me...please give me another code..

Send Me the Codes Of this THNX

Hi Saad Qureshi,

It's a good thing that you have two modes on the calculator app, scientific and non-scientific. For this reason, the calc should not follow the same order of operations in both modes. It is OK to get 15 when you calculate 5 + 3 * 7 in non-scientific mode. But in scientific mode, following the order of operations you should get 26 after performing the same operation i.e:

5 + (3 * 7) which gives you

5 + 21 which equals 26.

Nevertheless, I think you did a great job.

Awesome snippet, works well with VB2010 wid lil changes.. Thanks..

I need JavaScript scientific calculator source code. Do you have any idea about it. Please give me information about this. Your present scientific calculator is helpful for my work thanks for your valuable information.

Hmmm no proper EVAL like math engine. So no evaluation of complex expressions that use brackets. But it does illustrate some of the maths routines available in .Net - so is still useful to beginners to

Well I think its brilliant

Great project and it is absolutely good for all the students in IT

All in all good file & great job but some of the buttons dont work
percentage button % wrong didnt work correctly

great project...ur so talented...

converted it to vb2010...ang it works perfect!!the codes really helped me !

do you have games???

why your projects have no source code at all?


Download free scientific calculator in

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