Point of Sale and Inventory System V.2

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This is a complete point of sale and inventory system written in Visual Basic .NET.

- Categories
- Employees
- Products
- Point of Sale
- Inventory
- Daily, Weekly, Monthly Report
- Stocks In
- Stocks Out
- Reorder Level
- Monitoring Stocks
- Automatically Print Receipt

VIDEO DEMO LINK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH6Y6z_HQ1c
C# VERSION : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYQXUCdbLRU
PHARMACY POS VERSION : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABft_8LF7So

Back-end: MySQL 5.0

Press F12 to configure the database connection.

Login Information
username : admin
password : admin

VIDEO DEMO LINK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH6Y6z_HQ1c

For more information you can Visit my page..

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please can you send me full project on my email: [email protected]

May I know what mysql connector version you used in this project and what is the .NET framework version you created this project?

Please help me with the database for this POS system.
[email protected]

How you can provide transaction module ?
my email [email protected]

please send me frm.POS. - [email protected]

Thanks a lot!!!

Please send me the database
[email protected]

Dear, I already got code, but POS have no, Please help to send full code to me my e-mail: [email protected]

Could you please send me a link to download the database

Could you please send me a link to download the database

Please give me database i am not engineer but i like to build new projects and assembly exist projects so please to say help me for database My Email:- [email protected]

Hi ,,
Automatically Print Receipt

in the form frmPrintReceipt
if the dgv has more than e.g 30 rows when printing the receipt i can see only rows which are shown in the screen ..


Can you please send me the complete project. There are missing parts like the database and some forms. [email protected]

Thank you very much.

Real Appreciated work friend SEND ME frmPOS
i need it ..
[email protected]

Please help me with the database for this POS system.
[email protected]

Real Appreciated work friend SEND ME frmPOS
at [email protected]


pwede po pahingi ng code sa POS

Real Appreciated work friend SEND ME frmPOS form [email protected] Can please :

SEND ME frmPOS form [email protected]

did this application print to printer using roll printer like epson TMU U220

For faster transaction, you should contact him through FB

hey,please send me the transactions modules and other modules.It will be highly appreciated . Thank you in advance.

I apologise for my stupid question... But how i start this program?
Do i need apache server instaled or should i upload this software to my online server?
Please help,

Please send me database for this POS system to [email protected]... pleasseeee....

Please help me with the database for this POS system.
Good work done. [email protected]

please send me the database to at [email protected]

could u pls send me the database at [email protected]

Hi ,can anyone send me the database at [email protected] gmail.com

Sir can I have a copy of your revisions?
kindly email me at [email protected] Thanks in Advance Godspeed and Godbless..

can you send the database file or script to this email [email protected].


Hello Guys

after countless messages to the original poster I got no answer, so I decided to rebuild the whole project fro scratch following the poster original idea.
thanks God I was sucessfull on having everything working 100% fine, both in vb.net and JAVA


Hi Sir can I have a copy of your revisons?
Kindly email me at ecot646 @ gmail.com Thank You in advance and it will be much appreciated Godbless...

Please help me with the database for this POS system.
Good work . [email protected]

Sendo me the zip of the first version and I send you the complete DB & DB script.
[email protected]

Sir pls send me the db file to this email Address [email protected]


Dear Sir

Thankfull for your share code but iam not found database script
could you please send me database script to [email protected]

Hello cybernick75
Appreciatted you share this source code with us , free of sny charge. I can imagine how long you spent creating such a project.
but I have to say it is incomplete because i ding came with a db or a DB Script.

If You send the db script I create your project on JAVA for android and I'll Share with all of you


Hi, Can you send me the database export or backup? And im having an error with a Table Adapter not defined.


My mail: [email protected]

Hello Leo

did you manage to get the database script Of this project?


Can you send database or script [email protected]

Please help me with the database for this POS system.
Good work done. [email protected]

Can you give me the database of this, Please?
the .sql file or script..
[email protected]
Thank you

the database is not inclouded.
It will be very appreciated if you oculd send to [email protected]
Thank You!

please send the data base [email protected].
your project is so help full

hello friend, there is a missing file, setup.vdproj can u send it to me???

[email protected]

hello and thank you for sharing your code
i want to know what elements i need to install to run your code? like version of VS or VB...MySql etc'

thanks ahead

I guess you'llneed VS 2010 and some king of webserver software like WAMP,XAMP, MAMP or ZEN to handle your SQLserver database

Pleases send the database file or the database script' it would be good and appreciated. Thank you

Can you please send me database script....please help me....

There are dataset errors when I loaded it. Please, help

Good day! Sir can you send me this full version? I just need it for my project and i really don't have an idea on how to start making a POS, and your work is really big help. Sorry, i cant download it here because it had virus. This is my email [email protected], thanks again! :)


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