Simple Sale Management System in Python using CSV Free Source Code

Simple Sale Management System in Python using CSV Free Source Code - A simple Python system that can manage your sales and inventory products. This system uses basic data manipulation techniques, including adding, reading, updating, and deleting records from the CSV database. Python Free Source Code.

Onana Hospital Management System with C# with Source Code

This project is a Hospital Management Application that was developed using C# as the front-end and MS SQL Server Database as the backend. This program manages the hospital's employees' appointments, patients, Transactions, billing, and more. The system has multiple user types which are the Administrator, Cashier, Doctor, Nurse, and Pharmacist. The Admin users have access and can manage all the

Cindy Restaurant System in C# and MS SQL Server with Source Code

Cindy Restaurant is a super-advanced point-of-sale system, this desktop restaurant application has a wide range of features that makes restaurant operations very easy and enjoyable This is developed with C# as the front end and MSSQL server 2012 as the back end. Let's walk through some features this app possesses: Registration: the app contains several registration forms that help to identify some

Sales and Inventory System with Credit Management using PHP Full Source Code

This is an advanced Sales and Inventory System programmed using PHP. The PHP extension used is MySQLi. This system manages the company stocks, sales, and customer credits. The system can also manage multiple branches of the company and the admin can assign a system user to a specific branch and this user can only manage the data only to his/her branch. The administrator of this system can generate

Sales and Inventory System for Grocery Store using PHP/PDO Full Source Code

The CURE Grocery Sales and Inventory System will help the business track sales activity easily, inventory and to ensure that transactions are completed correctly. With the use of the system, the retrieval process will speed up and be able to generate immediate sales and inventory reports. The data are being stored in the system’s database. The admin is the only person who can add, edit, and update

Pharmacy Sales and Inventory System using PHP/MySQL with Source Code

Project: Pharmacy Sales and Inventory System using PHP/MySQL About The Pharmacy Sales and Inventory System is a simple project that will help pharmacy businesses manage the medicine that they are selling and monitor their available stocks. This will also help to track the expired medicine product on hand which this system notifies them when the expiry date of their stock will come. And by this

Point of Sales System

This is full Source code for point of sales system developed using PHP and MySql server as a back-end. its consists of the following modules: User Registration Suppliers ' Management Stocking (Products - add, edit, delete) Reports (Staff and Calendar based reports) Accounts Roles Sales Window Link Sales (Add to existing placed order) Basket (Completed order made by waiter or waitress in a day)

LPG Sales and Stock Control in Access

Application for LPG sales and Stock Control in Microsoft Access with Invoice Printing, Opening stock, closing stock, party wise stock, group wise stock etc. and many more... Total redesigned with Opening Stock, Closing Stock, Ledgers etc... now with drill down options to vouchers/ Ledgers in most of the Reports Project Password: lpg comments to: askrajan@gmailcom
Simple Sales and Inventory System for Bisaya Burger Surigaonon in VB.Net pbermoy Thu, 07/26/2018 - 18:39
This is a project entitled Sales and Inventory System for Bisaya Burger Surigaonon written in and SQL Server 2008 R2 database for our activity in school. The system has the following features: Order module Maintenance module Daily sales Report Login trail Audit trail Account Information: username: admin password: bermzkie For more inquiries and need programmer for your thesis systems