Sales and Inventory System for Grocery Store

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The CURE Grocery Sales and Inventory System will help the business track sales activity easily, inventory and to ensure that transactions are completed correctly. With the use of the system, retrieval process will speed up and be able to generate immediate sales and inventory report. The data are being stored in the system’s database. The admin is the only person who can add, edit and update products and customers while the cashier can only manipulate the collection payments of customers’ purchases.

Sales Report

By checking in the system, it will be easy to identify the number of available products, which products are few, and which is needed to be order. These major functions meet the objectives and expectations of the proponents likewise to the user of the CURE Grocery Store.

Product ListThe following are the modules included in this system:

Front End

  • Point of Sale

Back End


  • Product
  • Customer
  • Supplier


  • Purchase Order
  • Customer Ledger


  • Accounts Receivables Report
  • Collection Report
  • Sales Report
  • Inventory Report
  • List of Product Expired
  • Report of Returned Products
  • Customer Transaction Record


  • Graph by Category
  • Graph For Cash and Credit
  • Graph For Losses
  • Monthly Sales Chart
  • Yearly Sales Chart


  1. Extract the files into you htdocs folder (if you’re using XAMPP).
  2. Create a database called “inventory” and import the file named “inventory.sql” under the db folder.

Account Info

user: admin
pass: admin123
user: cashier
pass: 12345

Inventory Report

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Thank you for this.. btw the customer ledger is not responding, can you tell me how to fix it?

Could I use it for my business?

Hoping that I can make this project as a reference for my thesis. Thank You

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