Enrollment System v1.0

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This is a complete enrollment system that you can use in recording a students information. I started working with this project using MS Access. One of the best feature of this system is the use of a parent/child to grand child using Windows Form and a DataGridView control.

A must have features:

1. Automatic loading of subject/course from Regular Load table in Student's Information form under the School Year & Course tab.
2. A parameterized dataset in Student's Information form to search for lastname.
3. A combobox, button and checkbox inside a grid.
4. Regular Load masterfile.
5. Advance reports using stored procedure.

And a lot more.

I have provided a video tutorial so that questions will be minimize on this code. You can access it here: https://www.sourcecodester.com/blog/enrollment-system-v10-video-tutorial.html.

Note: You need VB.NET version 2008 and SQL Server 2000 or above in order to run this program.

To do list:

1. Auto increment IDNo.
2. Transcript of Records report - I hope somebody can help me of this report.

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Did you check if the firewall is turned off or the sql server instance is added to your firewall.

You must also change the ip address or the name of the server in your odbc connection string.

Sir Admin,

Good morning.

Still users cannot connect in ODBC File. Please help me how to get on this issue. Think I need step by step tutorial.
Would you mind if your mobile no. here is my email add.

[email protected]

Thanks in advance. Have a nice day ahead.

Please post the connection string your using.


good day.

thanks for the reply.

as per ur request here is my connection string.

Driver={SQL Server Native Client 10.0};description=xdatabase test;server=QAQC-SERV;uid=sa;app=Microsoft Data Access Components;wsid=QAQC-SERV;database=demosam

why is that it works only in local machine, when i try to connect to other machine (network) its was failed already.
please help me out of here.

have a nice day....

Can you ping this computer name: QAQC-SERV?


It seems that I am newbie in SQL Server I dont know how to assign the connection string or any network config that is why ask your mobile no. to contact you in person if you wish I need online tutorial if you are available. Please my email add already mentioned above.

Thanks and more power.

actually... me and my group are having some problem making enrollment system.. if we are going to use the VB 2008 or VB 2006?? what would be the best?? am can you gave some site to study about making enrollment system and the codes.. i'll study it.. so that my groupm8 will not say: i'm useless... please answer me..

Download the code and study it.

Sir, I'm looking for the code of enrollment system and also it's lay-out. I'm shy to say, I don't know how to download (hehehe) and here in our school, the students are not allowed to download any thing in our computers... Could you please send me the codes and it's lay-out for free?Please????My e-mail Add is "[email protected]" or you can just type: "Ms. Mysterious Loner" that's my other e-mail Add(on friendster).

Thank you sir!
I'll wait for your very precious response...
Take care and God Bless!

Rent in an internet cafe so you can download my source code.

Sir Good day.. I just want to ask about connection string..

my database is in network and my connection string is ("PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=\\\data\database1.mdb")

and its working ... but just for viewing a database.

my program cannot make an adding ,deleting and saving a database when i use my connection in network

how can i fix that sir..? I need my database in access only

If you database is not in read only mode, then probably you have not grant a full access to the shared folder.

And this is not the proper way of accessing file through from your network. I recommend mapping your shared folder and access it like:

PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=z:\database1.mdb

aHmm..have a nice day
tell me how to make a transaction form in enrollment....:p...tnx

what is the database password for enrollment system???

The students information form in the enrollment system already serves as the transaction since I embedded all the transaction for enrollment like adding of school year and subject.

Hello i'm from indonesia a senio high school,

How to transfer access table to open office calc.

That's All.


Sir on databinding i want to bind 1 text box coming from other form or outside the "ME" attribute what should i do??
what would be the codings for that?

Do you really want to bind or you just simply want to fill it with data?

do you have sample application, a visual basic in visual studio using crystal reports 2008 in reporting

Download the source code above and study on how I use crystal reports in this program. You may also study this tutorial on how to debug a program.

i am a beginner.
i'm using visual basic in  visual studio, i already have made crystal reports in visual studio,but i dont how to load the crystal report when running the system. I also dont know how specify the data that should be reported...I'm using odbc as my connector to my database.
please...somebody help!

Download the source code above and study on how I use crystal reports in this program. You may also study this tutorial on how to debug a program.

Hi !
I am shrikant. I got one project. I want to create 3 tables Student Id , Cat codes And Enrollment   tables. In Enrollment table i want enter all the details of student. like .Student Id, Student name , mail id, adress, Amount paid and balance amount.. after that in cat code table  Stu. Id , cad code and Issu date.  in cat code  table if the student will paid all the fees then using coding one mail will be sent to student mail id ( mail is  ur three CAt Code is ..... something) if the student is not paid money then in mail only one cat code id will be send... is it possible ..... if it is possible then plz send me the some sample coding for this project..
my mail id is 
[email protected]   

Please read FAQ.

i really don't know...I am a begginer programmer in our thesis gruop.please help! thanks...

Even you question is totally beginner. What do you mean by dual table? If you want to create a table then use ms access. It is very easy to create a database table in ms access.

ok din tong naicip nio ahhhhh

Hey Dude,
Could I integrate the program to an access db. Or could you provide the version with the MsAccess?

You can use an Access database on this program but you need to manually change all the command.
As of this time I don't have time to create an MS Access backend.

i need it..
reply immediately.

Just convert the ms sql 2000 version included in this project.

i need a project that i can improve on for my finial year project i am not much of a programme but i can try with java and or c++ or if u have any project designing website
my email is [email protected]

do u have that source code using VB.NET 2005 or VB6.0?? thnks.. more power


No. I don't have one for vb.net 2005 and vb 6.0.
Please upgrade to vb.net 2008.

hi...do you have any project using java with access connectivity.......please  reply immediately...i hav to submit in coll....bnye...waiting for ur reply....

Sorry but I don't have a java code.

nice system.


the code below is used to insert a single record.can you please tell me how to insert multiple records in the same code using a "for" loop...i have not worked in VB before.so,can u please give me the required code...please help...

Set connect = CreateObject ("ADODB.Connection")
connect.open "DSN=OPTUMETL;Driver= Oracle in OraHome92;Server=urnts1.uhc.com;UID=OPTUMETL;PWD=OPTUMETL"
Reporter.ReportEvent 0, "Database connection", "Successfully connected to URNTS1"
Set objRecordset = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
' Stmt to execute the code
01:05:29 PM','DD/MM/YYYY HH12:MI:SS PM'), 1, TO_DATE('11/10/2005 01:05:29 PM','DD/MM/YYYY HH12:MI:SS PM'), 0, 1, 0, TO_DATE('01/01/1900 12:00:00
AM','DD/MM/YYYY HH12:MI:SS PM'), 0, NULL, TO_DATE('18/08/2008 06:06:16 AM','DD/MM/YYYY HH12:MI:SS PM'), TO_DATE('18/08/2008 06:09:13 AM','DD/MM/YYYY
HH12:MI:SS PM'), 'CARE')"
msgbox query
Set objResults = connect.Execute(query) ' Cmd used to execute the sql
Reporter.ReportEvent 0, "Query execution", "Executed query successfully"

I need to know first where the data is coming from and going to.

where can i get (local) (windowsNP) in enterprise manager in ms sql server 2000... please reply asap....... i really need this.. hehehe ty...


You are very polite! My goodness! Next time don't be too rush. Clarify your question again. :P

how to connect vb.net v2003 and sql server 2000


I am working with VB2008, Crystal Reports 2008.

I tried opening your source code but I have Crystal Reports Issues.

Something like CrystalDecisions.x.x .

Do I need to install any other app?


I never used VB 2008 Express edition but I think you're using this version and it does not have a crystal reports built in.

A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL Server)

i have vb2005 express edition

Please check your sql server if its running. or check your connection if u are using sql server as a remote database.

I like it

I am working on a project where i need to connect connect 4 databases (MYSQL, ORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server, ACCESS) to common front end using VB>NET. So I need ODBC drivers for all these databases.

It is a data integration project using ETL. The dat displayed in the front end would be transferred to a Data ware house.

Please can you be of help.

You can find each of this driver at the respective website of every product. Go to www.mysql.com for MySQL, www.oracle.com for Oracle. Microsoft ODBC is already included by default.

could anyone give me Electricity and post office project in visual basic. i need urgently..

Thanks i  advance..

Randeep singh


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