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Hi Guys!


I uploaded a new application program i made, this is Inventory System for our POS Machine(IT OFFICE)

I completely packge this application to registered also the some oxc in your computer just to run the inventory application.

Hope you can gain some info from here

Happy coding :)

your COMMENT will help

Try to download the installer;

jakjes rules!

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1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


Sir blessed day. can you pls send me the complete source code ? for my thesis . Thanks in advance. God bless You.
[email protected]

Thank u

sa IBM phu ba keo nag wo2rk.. hiring phu ba kau ng programming... graduating na phu kz ako now May


just Send your msg at my yahoo account/FB: [email protected]

System Developer and Web Developer

>Programming in The Future Technology<

I am pankaj.
please tell me how make a pos billing s/w between vb6 and sql server 2000 send me code
e-mail:- [email protected]

can you make me system, my system is all about billing and inventory system
plsss oct 10 na po ang deadline

Nice stuff Thanks

thanks men this would really help...palaganapin ang open source.


just research on listview and active x that two feature i used in my prog that i posted thx ;)

happy coding thx ;)


_=Jakjes Rules=_

can u give some complete codes po kc projectnmin mga system n gnyan ... mhina xe ko mjor n yan tnx... 09292990189 contak mu ko d2tnxxxx po God bless

Just research on listview control and active x references
the project i post i use that contrl and ref..

hope will hep you..

thnx for commenting ;)

hapy coding .........

jakjes .

help me nman huh! we have a problem about database management, we dont know how to create a program bout inventory..can u help me?

natulungan k po b?bout don sa inventory?

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