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Operator Overloading in C++


Operator Overloading in C++

In this part you will learn: 1. What is Operator Overloading? 2. How Operator Overloading is useful? 3. How to use Operator Overloading in a Program? 4. C syntax What is Operator Overloading? Operator overloading is the way by which we give the already existing operators like +,-,*,/,>) and extreme extraction operators (Operator Overloading Basic Step: Open Dev C++ then File > new > source file and start writing the code below.
  2. #include<stdio.h>&#13;
  3. #include<conio.h>&#13;
  4. #include<math.h></math.h></conio.h></stdio.h>
These are the header files that we need for coding. The main header is stdio.h which provides

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