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Lenovo Unveils Its Astonishing Yoga Book Featuring Halo Keyboard

Though desktops are still being used today most especially in school computer laboratories, a lot of laptops, net books and tablets have come in the way. Most college students even own one for both personal and educational purposes. College is easier with these handy technological gadgets. In the field of laptop, net book and tablet production, there are a lot of competing brands that continuously

New Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Smart watch is the new technology that affects the communication of the world. New innovative technology is changing the world as we live in. It brought change in the world as we know it. With this first technology that is wearable changing the way we communicate. In a new report, a new smartwatch was announced to all the people of the world. The new updated and innovative watch was introduced by

IG Update: Explore Tab Now Contains 'Stories' Feature

Aside from Facebook and Twitter, Instagram or sometimes abbreviated as Insta or IG has also hooked a lot of users. This is an online photo and video sharing social networking service. Most of the Facebook and Twitter users also has an account in IG. Usually, netizens used their IG accounts as photo diaries. Through the photos they upload in the social networking service, they get to share what

Windows 10 Build 14393.105 New Updates: Available Only For Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft has recently announced to the world that they released the newest update for the windows 10 Build 14393.105 for Windows Insiders. According to a report, the updates was just the same KB number as was seen in the last cumulative update that Insiders got, 14393.103, which was for PC and Mobile. But the newest updates of Microsoft does not have a counterpart for Windows phones and just

KratS Company's New App Makes Processing Gov't Documents Easier

Most of the time, processing government documents would really take a couple of days to be finished. Aside from the technical problems that might inevitably occur on the processing phase, people usually gets a problem in terms of compiling for the needed requirements. It makes the start of processing even time-consuming. Most likely, what happens is that the person has to come to the government

LOOK: Microsoft released Battery Fix For Surface Pro 3 Firmware Updates

Good news for all. Microsoft has released an update for the Surface Pro 3. The purpose of this updates is to fix the issues preventing some units from holding a full battery charge. Microsoft comes up with a new and innovative way of preventing some units from holding a full battery charge. According to a report, the Microsoft equates the issue to a broken fuel gauge in a car. "If the fuel gauge

Facebook Relies On Software In The List Of Trending News Feature

Facebook is undeniably a social media giant that has a lot of users around the world. Along with the great number of users is the great number of every-minute posts as well that fill the news feed. Truths be told that every minute, a lot of new posts would welcome the user in his feed - not just those of his FB friends but as well as the tagged posts in mutual friends. Aside from personal posts

WhatsApp Chats Are Not Being Deleted: Researcher Finds Security Flaw

Facebook is nothing more than a medium for communication, and yet, it is so much more than that. Nowadays, People believed that they are on trend if they have an account on Facebook, wherein they can easily and freely communicate to their friends. At a glance, a user can learn everything from what gender a Facebook member is, to what religion they believe in, what school they attend, and their

Google's National Heroes Day Treat: PH Virtual History Tour

Commemorating a national event in the Philippines, the National Heroes Day, does not only comes with a holiday but also a celebration of several programs held in the country. It is done to remember and honor the bravery of the heroes in defending the country. Several special acts of honor are done in the monuments of the heroes paving the way to trace back what the history holds. There might be a

LOOK: New LG V20. More Advance With Faster Operation

Google has recently extended the Project Fi, a mobile virtual network operator owned by Google, providing wireless phone and data services using Wi-Fi and cellular networks belonging to Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Three. According to a report, Google’s latest version of Android is already rolling out to the company’s Nexus and Pixel devices and will begin launching on new smartphones