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Mobile App Allows Users To Book A Barber Shop Appointment

The extent taken by technology has given people easier lives to live. With the recent inventions, routines became much easier to do – you don’t have to wait for weeks for letters to arrive as fax machines and phone communication is just a click away. Moreover, research works for educational purposes require lesser effort as we have now personal computers and even portable laptops that could be

Instagram unveils Zoom: Allows You Pinch In To Zoom Photos Or Videos

Instagram unveils its latest feature that will surprise all the netizens from all over the world. As they announced that they will release new feature that will let people get closer, more intimately look at your pictures. In today’s generation, Social media have become prominent parts of life for many young people today. Most people engage with social media without stopping to think what the

Learning English Is Easier With Fleex On The Surface

Learning how to speak or understand English might be as easy as counting 1, 2, and 3 for some but to others, it is a thing that really requires rigid efforts. Undeniably, there are people who refuse to watch movies in English as they find it hard to comprehend the story due to the language used. This is where the idea of learning English gets in. While others would opt for reading dictionaries or

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Comes With Astonishing Features

Mobile phones have continued to upgrade through the years. A lot of amazing features are incorporated like greater internal storage and camera specs and these hit the surface. People have indeed loved the handy invention as through it, one can communicate anytime, surf over the web for important researches, or get himself entertained with the amazing applications or just mere music and games

Fashionable USB Flash drive: V1 Attaché and the Bubble Attaché

USB Flash drive: V1 Attaché and the Bubble Attaché USB Flash Drives Students having a computer for researches and writing papers needs to save their work. With the advent of the new age of technologies man created new inventions to make work easier. The handy and useful device for storing that was invented is called the “USB flashdrive.” It is useful in transporting data. Downloaded files

Russia Tigr: A 4×4 remote-controlled weapon armored vehicle

Tigr 4×4 armored vehicle with new 30mm remote-controlled weapon station. Innovations are now taking the whole world. It makes the life of the people in earth easy, faster and more efficient way of doing things in your house, work or in school. But through innovations we are getting farther to claim peace on earth. Humans always think of better and innovative creations Humans are often motivated to

Google: Soon To Unveil Its Pixel Phones

Mobile phones are undeniably one of the most prominent and widespread technological gadgets nowadays. Its upgrades have brought it from those that were only used for communication purposes to the kind of gadgets with a long list of purposes. Behind the widespread use of the handy gadgets and the fact that the populace has indeed been hooked by the purposes it serve are the giant companies that

Parrot Unveils New Hybrid Minidrone

Drones have received a lot of publicity and their usage has received a lot of Positive comments regarding for its usefulness. Drones are known as unmanned aerial vehicles most likely used to spy or to take selfies with your friend and the worst is to decimate enemy combatants. Drones are known by a number of different n depending on their area and purpose of use. Drones with their usage brought a

Zooming In Instagram Photos, Videos Is Now Achievable For iOS Users

While there are those who only utilize their Instagram account to serve as their photo diaries, there are also those people who take a serious note on their accounts. They love photos and don’t just engage into photography during leisure time but take it as a passion and a purpose. Instagram is a big help to photo enthusiasts as it is a world of photos. This photo sharing application allows

Lenovo Yoga Book Tablet: Let You Write With The Real Ink

Lenovo will let you write with the real ink. Lenovo brought a new change to the technology. Lenovo released the newest updates of their tablet. Lenovo Company announced that they released their Yoga Book Tablet. The good news was announced before the start of the IFA conference in Berlin. Lenovo unveiled their innovative Book Tablet that claims the speed and typing experience surpasses that of a