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Virtual Pokéball: Pokémon Go game controller

Pokéball-shaped Pokémon Go controller. Pokémon Go became the hottest game craze of the new generation. it almost made a history that almost all over the world are playing this game. It became popular the moment it hit the app store, jumping to the number 1 grossing spot in all launch countries within just a few hours. According to a report, the concept was originally just an April Fools prank by

New Technology Developed By Audi: Capable Of Traffic Signal

Traffic is an inevitable thing most especially during peak hours when the road is congested with private and public vehicles. Slow movement of vehicles usually happens early in the morning when almost everyone is set for work and school. Another is during late afternoon, specifically 6:00 in the afternoon until 8:00 in the evening, when almost everyone is on their way home. Usually, traffic is

Introducing New Units: Nokia's Comeback Will Soon Heat Up The Mobile World

Mobile phones is one of the most useful gadgets as of the present. Its advantages ranges from entertainment to file storage to communication until it even reached the educational purpose. Mobile phones now come as an aid to education as it can serve as surfing devices over the net. Before, the well-known names of mobile companies here in the Philippines were Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, and Alcatel

Airlander 10: US Largest Surveillance Aircraft

Airlander: US Largest Surveillance Aircraft The world welcomed the new innovative aircraft of the history. The aircraft was built and developed by the US army as a surveillance aircraft. The new innovation of the US is the largest aircraft in the modern human history. The Makers Hybrid Air Vehicles or the HAV, the aircraft will be used in the commercial sector such as carrying cargo. According to

Google Makes Video Calling Possible Through Its New 'Duo'

Along with the advancement in the field of communication gadgets are the level up types of communication. The communication types have come a long way from sending short message service to multimedia message service up to comments in social media specifically Facebook. It did not stop there. The chat box has also become a communication phenomenon most especially with Facebook's Messenger

High-Tech: New OMEN X Gaming Desktop PC

New OMEN X Gaming Desktop PC Good news for all the avid fans of games. The OMEN X will be open for orders on the HP website starting Aug. 17 with a starting price tag of $1,799. The stand-alone OMEN X chassis will be priced at $599.99. The OMEN X was introduced to the public. The HP is offering the cubic OMEN X chassis à la carte for PC enthusiasts who want to customize their system even further

Launching Of Quantum Satellite Might Result To Hacker-Free Communications

Communication plays a very big role in the present times not only within countries but even across nations. There are a lot of cases in which families are divided by distance and the everyday communication is the only way to fill in the gaps. To test new possibilities in the field of communication, China has recently launched a quantum satellite in space. It was the first communication satellite

China's First Ever Quantum Satellite: Operate 500 Km Above The Earth's Surface

China's First ever quantum satellite. According to a report, China launched the world’s first quantum-enabled satellite that will operate 500 km above the Earth's surface for at least two years. In a recent report, China also launched the Gaofen 3 satellite that will monitor its maritime right and interests . The satellite was launched to the Earths surface that will serve as the protector of the

Niantic Poses Lifetime Ban For Cheaters Of Pokemon Go

Despite the Pokemon Go craze that goes around several countries already reached by the phenomenal game, still there are those nations that have no access yet. In the point of fact, there were already lots of news reports that prove the phenomenal game. Almost every user who tries it would definitely get hooked to it. This could be one reason that could trigger more and more curiosity to arise to

New Innovative Superlens: 'To See The Unseen'

Humans are equipped with knowledge that can create with so many powerful things that are helpful in this fast-growing generation. Knowledge All knowledge is socially constructed, but some more than others. With the human's creativity, humans ca create with innovative technology that can lift up the traditional world to a brand new and modern world. A new innovation that was born that helps to spot