Setting up – Game Resolution, Changing Platform, and Categorizing Assets

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Game Resolution

First thing to do is to set up our Game resolution, to do that click the game tab then go to "Free Aspect" it is just below of Game tab. Then click the add button (the one that looks like +) and enter the value of each properties. For Width just make it 1280 so that we can have a great resolution for our game, then for Height leave it just 720.

Changing the Platform

Under the File, Click Build Setting and select Android, then click Switch Platform.

Categorizing Assets

We will now then categorize our needed assets, so that we can avoid misplaces and hard to find files.

*Animation - This is where we put all the Animator Controller and Animation.
*Fonts – This is where all the Fonts are located.
*Prefabs – This is where we put all the Prefab Object that we use in the game.
*Scenes – This is where the Scene Object located.
*Scripts – This is where all the C# or Javascript Scripts located.
*Sounds – The directory for the audio files.
*Sprites – All the images and sprites located here.
Note: All our needed assets are already include in the download file. To get the assets just click below the download button.

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