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Creating Score Manager, Destroy boundary and Gameplay Controller

Creating Score Manager

We will now create the scoring of the game. This will track down the score of the player every time the enemy is defeated. To do that go to GameObject and select UI, then choose Text. After creating the text set the components as shown below.


tut81 Next create another UI Text as a child of the component above. Then set the components as shown below.

Score Text

Creating Main Menu – Creating Scenes, Controllers, Main Menu Canvas, and Slicing Sprites

Creating Scenes

In the Unity environment you will notice an Untitled object in the Hierarchy area. That is the name of the scenes by default, to change it just simply press ctrl + s and save it as Main Menu. tut6

Creating Controllers

Now that we have the main menu scene we will now create Controllers for the game. The Controllers are game objects that handle some methods that be needed in the game later.

Cannon Siege Tutorial - A Classic Arcade Game for Android/IOS

Learn on how to create a simple game called Cannon Siege using a Unity Game Engine and a C# script. Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies. Unity is a multipurpose game engine that supports 2D and 3D graphics, drag-and-drop functionality and scripting using C#. It is used to develop video games for web plugins, desktop platforms, consoles and mobile devices.