How to Fix Errors Found In Source Code

The majority of questions I received here is when somebody download my source code and found an error after running it. Well, actually you will not encounter those errors if you just follow the instructions on the readme file.

But sometimes, due to the fact that you are in a hurry to open the source code and want to see what’s on it, you forgot to read the important instructions.

This little guide will teach you on how to prevent this.

C# and .NET


C# (pronounced C-Sharp) is no doubt a language of choice in the .Net environment. It is a whole new language free of the backward compatibility curse with a whole bunch of new, exciting and promising features. It is an Object Oriented Programming language, and has at it's core many similarities to Java, C++ and VB. In fact, C# combines the power & efficiency of C++, the simple & clean OO design of Java, and the code simplification of Visual Basic.

Adding minutes to a datetime variables

Sometime we stuck in a problem in which we have to get a time which is after 20 or 60 minutes then there is simple function which can add minutes to a particular datetime variable take an example we want to add 60 minutes to present time, for this we simply do is make an 2 objects of current datetime class i.e. date1 and date2

Using CDOSYS to Send Email especially for Godaddy


Here is the code to send Email from your website.I had tested this code on My Godaddy Web hosting and it was perfectly working. The things need to be change is in Red colour // language -- C# // import namespace using System.Web.Mail; private void SendEmail() { // Don't change this if you are using godaddy otherwise mention your smtp server name.