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This is a text to speech program which I use whenever I read an e-Book. Instead of reading an e-Book or any word from your computer you can just copy the text to the clipboard and click the play button and listen to the audio. The program is very accessible because it resides at the top of the screen and you can even move it to any location on your desktop. Before you can run and use this program...
One of the best Database Server today besides from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server is MySQL.
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I received a lot of email if I can make a tutorial on how to connect VB.NET with MySQL. So here it is. I am planning to continue this tutorial that is similar on my previous article on Database Programming Made Easy . The only difference with the previous one is that I will be using MySQL instead of MS Access and MS SQL Server. This tutorial will teach you how to connect Visual Basic .NET 2008 to...
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This is the updated version of electricity billing system in which the following modules have been added 1.Cash collection 2.list of defaulters 3.list of customers who have deposited their bills and some graphics has been added
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This source code demonstrates how to indent and set state images of VB ListView ListItems, simulating a hierarchical item tree (TreeView)

How to Fix Errors Found In Source Code

The majority of questions I received here is when somebody download my source code and found an error after running it. Well, actually you will not encounter those errors if you just follow the instructions on the readme file.

But sometimes, due to the fact that you are in a hurry to open the source code and want to see what’s on it, you forgot to read the important...

C# (pronounced C-Sharp) is no doubt a language of choice in the .Net environment. It is a whole new language free of the backward compatibility curse with a whole bunch of new, exciting and promising features. It is an Object Oriented Programming language, and has at it's core many similarities to Java, C++ and VB. In fact, C# combines the power & efficiency of C++, the simple & clean OO...
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Hi there it has been a long time since I have submitted my work in my apology to our visitor in this site because of my very hectic schedule in my work. Anyway this is my new code that I have developed using Bloodshed Dev C++ it is a open source C++ compiler that you can download and use over the Intenet.

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