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NumPy Direct Filtering

In this tutorial you will learn: NumPy Direct Filtering How to carry out direct filtering Python Syntax Direct Filtering Filtering numerical arrays is a very common task in NumPy, inorder to save time and ensure max code efficiency while filtering, NumPy library provides the feature of direct filtering. Using Direct Filtering we can filter out an array without using the conditional statements. For

Combine Two Column Using AngularJS

This code will show to do Combine Two Column using AngularJS. The code will dynamically combine the two table column into one and the content also merge. Feel free to use this code and modify as you learn from it. To learn more about this, just follow the steps below. Getting started: First you will need to download & install the AngularJS here's the link And this is the

Payroll System

A payroll system that supports multiple companies. The database is created for each company. This is not intended for large businesses. My client did not ask for more features so the basic functions are: Employees information Password protection Create voucher Payroll summary And an employee's list report At least you will learn on how to create a simple payroll system using this source code

Simple Comment System Using JavaScript

In this code we will try to create Simple Comment System using JavaScript. The program will dynamically display the comment that you submitted. You are free modify this code, and you can use this to your on working system. To learn more about this, just follow the steps below. Getting started: First you have to download bootstrap framework, this is the link for the bootstrap that I used for the

NumPy Conditional Filtering

In this tutorial you will learn: Condition Based Filtering Applying condition based filtering Conditional Statements Syntax Condition Based Filtering Filtering using a hard coded Boolean array is an impractical approach, likely problems that could be faced by programmers require an automated filtering. The modern automated filtering algorithms mostly being used for real time problems are based on

Gym Management System Using Python

Gym Management System with Source Code is a Python program that can manage a person gym expense and calculate the equipment time usage. This program was created by the use Python language. The system is a console application that does not require a login account, the user can navigate the system by entering a certain numeric keys. The user can add new customer, create gym package, add new

Celebrity Quiz Application in Android Studio

Project: Celebrity Quiz Application in Android Studio | Free Source Code Download About this App: An Android Celebrity Quiz App that allows a user to select a correct answer to each question (any question can be skipped), given a hint by an image. Build in Android Studio 4.5.3, Minimum SDK Version 28 Libraries Used are: OkHttp: for sending and receive HTTP-based network requests, Gson: convert

Filtering NumPy Array

In this tutorial you will learn: What is Array Filtering? Boolean Array based filtering Array Filtering Separating specific elements based on a specific condition and making another array from those elements is called filtering. Filtering can be carried out either by iterating complete array and checking each element against a specific condition or it can be carried out using by applying a Boolean

Employee Leave Management System

Employee Leave Management System with Source Code is a C++ program that can establish a leave for employee and monitor the daily records. The system was developed using C++ language. The system can be access without providing login information, the user can navigate the user by entering a certain keys. The user can add new employees, modifying employee information, can delete specific row, and can

Online Student Enrollment System using PHP/MySQLi

Project: Student Enrollment in PHP with Source Code About Project The Student Enrollment In PHP is a simple mini project for keeping records of students. The project contains the admin and user sides. The admin can manage all the management like adding student’s details, editing the details if required, and view the enrolled student’s information. Admin has a vital role in the management of this