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This is a 2000 version of MS Access program I’ve made during our pageant contest – Intramurals. This is useful if you want to make the counting of result faster. Every report is computerize and ready to be printed right after the final rating of judges.

The form has an input box for judges. This is where you specify the number of judges judging for a contest. This is important to compute the final rating for every contestant.

Pleae visit this link Pageant Contest Program Tutorial to see the video in action. :)

Leave a comment if you have any question.


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1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
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Lumabas yung dialogue na "Cannot find the link" or cut and connection ng Pageant BE so when I clicked the ok button, lumabas na yung "sorry, you must locate Pageant BE to open Pageant"...

and I made some few changes sa code.
Nag dagdag ako ng

Private Declare PtrSafe Function

since need daw ito iupdate into 64bit version... and then I got this error na...

please send me a fix one... I really need this sir... thanks a lot...

[email protected]

sir can you teach how is the process of computation... i love your work and ill ask permission to use this on our fiesta...but im having hard time understanding how the computation is done im trying to check the computation but i don't get near on the total score or even the percentage please help.

Sir help me for my documentation , in chapter 2 . we need your help sir for my thesis , this is my email: [email protected] please send me

Sir can I ask your permission to copy the design of your program? Because we have a project in our vb class to create a beauty pageant scoring system and I was searching for an example and I saw yours and I think this is the perfect design. That's all sir. Thank you very much.

hi.. i would like to say thank you for being so kind to share your program..
i am new to programming and this idea came up to me but of course i had no idea on how to start.. so thank you i have now 1.


sir, will you please help me on my tabulation system for pageant using JAVA...tnx

just call me or text me if you wish to have one copy: 09158382607 and it is very useful!

i have a completed pageant system, which is used in actual pageant in school and it could tolerate any number of judges and candidates for the pageant contest...

txt or call


send it to my email.. [email protected] tnx sir..

I'll be using this in School.

thank you it is very useful.

Hi.sir gud day.
i just want to ask if what is the program language you used in your program and how to open it.. I need it so badly because the system we are going to proposed for thesis is titled automated beauty pageant scoring system. just a guide for our project sir... if you wish to reply my message this is my email add. [email protected]

I have 10 Miss and 4 Mr. but when i sort it accordingly in the table on the database, then the "contestants" form does not display anything, but when i put 8 Miss and 6 Mr. it works, is the limit 8 per gender or something?




I love this program. Now that i fully understand how it works, I need some help customizing it to my pageant, but i want to know exactly how to do it, or what not to do, so that i dont mess it up.

In what order should i modify the Categories, criteria, add contestants etc? - Do i do it ONLY from the Data base, or do i change anything on the front end too? and for the reports to be linked to my new categories and criteria, how do i do it? and also, can i have up to 6 judges?

I have been playing with it and sort of have an idea how to do it, but i would like to know the way you recommend i do this.

Hi, your program is a great tool, now i have a question, what do i do to use the program on multiple computers but have the results of all the judges at each computer, and get them combined to get the total rank of all judges?

I created a network and placed the program in a public folder, but when for some reason i cant open the tool from the other computers. my e-mail is [email protected] PLEASE PLEASE let me know if this is possible!


If I were you I will use server/client program.

Mr. Emond created the program on the link. Study the program above to give you an idea.

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

Ok, thanks for replying- So, i went and downloaded it, but i am not quite sure that i know how to use it, or how would i use it in combination with this code for the pageant... I thought that by putting the access program in a shared folder and making the 2 computers use the same, the information(scores) put into the program at each computer would get combined in the report, BUT when i open it in one computer from the same shared folder, then i cant open it at the other, is there a way i can open the same program at the same time from all computers and get the results combined???


Open the CLSU Server folder then run the program. Second open the CLSU Client and run it. Base on your problem, make CLSU Client as your judges (CLSU Server can only handle 8 clients at the same time as mention in the description of it) and CLSU Server is where your judges put their scores.

In the CLSU Client, you have to register first, it is visible at the interface of the program when run. After registering, you will see the connect button (it is for the Client to connect to the Server).

Take note Mr. Emond's program is an Entrance Exam so you have to make a lot of difference with it (watch out for the copyright, just use it for ideas and basis) ^_^

I have run Mr. Emond's program (same Client and Server) in one computer with internet connection. I don't know if this will work without an internet and 8 computer Clients connected to the Server.

Just try it for yourself sir ^_^

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

Ok, so Tried it and this is what happened:

When I run the CLSU server application I get this message right after the start up image disappears
"Class not registered.
Looking for object with CLSID:{00000010-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4}"

I click OK, then it asks for a username and a password.

I put the username and password that Mr. Edmond provided, and then i get this message:

"Run-time error '91':"
Object variable or With block variable not set

then it says that CLSU has stopped working and that the program will be closed.

Then when i try to run the CLSU Client application and click on register i get this message:

"Run-time error '331':
Component MSWINK-SCK.OCX or one of its dependency not correctly registered: a file missing or invalid.

I know i am asking waaaaayyy to much!, but wouldnt splitting the database and linking the fron-end... of the program you made give me the results i am trying to achieve? if so, would you help me do it? I am really smart and if you tell me what to do, i can do it. Thanks so much!

MSWINK-SCK.OCX? may be you don't have this file. May be your version of Visual Studio has no component including that file or you haven't check it in the component (ctrl+T). I try to run this program and its working very well with me.

I told you I haven't tried running this program without an internet.

For better solution contact Mr. Emond. The one who created the program knows how it will work. ^_^. Swear to you I don't have errors as you have when I run his program.

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

please please


Good day Sir. You've made an awesome program for the peagent. Is there a way i can contact you... i need some help / assistance with your program.

By the way im Yves. from Cebu

you can reach me through this email. [email protected]


why is it when i downloaded the zip.. ive only got 4 files.. 2 databses 1 html readme file and 1 screenshot of the form..

This is not a visual basic program. Just run the pageant.mdb to open using ms access application.

sir pwede ba mhingi ung code nyo talagang kailnga ko lng sa thesis namin..please lng pohhhhh.......:(

Sir, thanks for the program, ask ko lang kung pwede ba ito gamitin na may server for example we are going to have 3 to 4 judges, please i need help. thanks a lot. email me at [email protected]

thanks po dun sa free link...galing nyo po..
ask ko lang po kung pede to by server-client based...
thanks nyo na lang po aq..
[email protected]

Yes. Definitely. Actually I've run this program with 5 judges during our intramural day. Just split the database and copy each program to your workstation and map the shared folder from your server into your client workstation and link the front end.

i'm on my study of doing my capstone project which I entitled Automated Pagaent Scoring and Tabulation System...I decided to make it web I will used PHP... can you help me?

is it possible we could add up to 10 candidates?
5 judges?
whenever we modify the criteria, would it result a conflict of your codes?

I proposed to use your program for the pageant next week sir...
Can you help me work this our sir?

10 males
10 females
5 judges.

BuGz BuNnY
Cebu City, Philippines

The program is flexible. You can add as many candidate as you like. You can even change the criteria.


Thank you for your prompt response.
Another things is., Is their any modification on the database,if I add judges, contestants?
Especially. Queries.

BuGz BuNnY
Cebu City, Philippines

Actually, no. But you need to add manually the criteria for each contestant. For judges it is automatic.


I changed the candidates to 11 Mr and 11 Mrs.
When I tried to arranged them according to Mr(arrangement) & Ms(Arrangement), The Front end Form will turn into white and never displays anything.....

I need your asistance jay. OUr Pageant night will be this coming saturday...night.
Please help me.....I've been working on this two nights already but couldn't find solution yet.

Hope to hear from you....
I can email you the database again for your inputs and verification.

PLease let me know where to send the file.

BuGz BuNnY
Cebu City, Philippines


I have already replied to your message at facebook. Sorry if I cannot attain on this at this time.

I'm very busy with my other programming job.

Galing mo talaga, thank you ng marami

sir thanks po sa  program  .i searching a program that calculated the grtade of student.. i already make pageant contest...but mas maganda po sa inyo... slamat ulit pre........

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