Basic Student Information System

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Basic Information System:
Add, Update, Delete..
to help.........
enrollment na para makatulong sa basic project nyo..

thanks to sir Philip V. Naparan for ctrlNSDataCombo.ocx and Design

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ano po kayang pding gamtin na software pra smin system o kaya device po , to secure the student from the outsiders.

can you please email to me the code of basic student information system at [email protected], thank you very much.

can you please email to me the code of basic student information system, tnx. [email protected]

pkisend nga po s email ko ung code ng basic student information system, tnx po. [email protected]

Sir good pm po!

i download your sis program but i got an error message: LoadLibrary("StyleButtonX.ocx") failed - The specified module could not be found.
Ano po pwede kong gawin plano ko kasi pagaralan ang code para gamitin ko sa project ko sa visual basic subject namin.

Pwede po patulong sir here is my contact number 09489042910

Thanx and more power to you!


pde nio po b qng matulungan sa student informatio system n marerecord ung mga academic grades nia...ididisplay lng po ung mga grades dun tpos pdeng iprint. tz mei search button lng! gnun lng po.

sure, pero bago ung lahat,,,post mo ung contact details mo dito,,pano kita matutulongan yan?...

IT Administrator
[email protected]

Can you please email this program to my email addy coz i cant open here,[email protected],thank you Ren here

Can you please email this program to my email addy coz i cant open here. "[email protected]". Thank you ---Ren here

realy i'm aprreciat all systems if u have stock system oplease post it


IT Administrator
[email protected]

comsci po ako pagawa sana ako new system na ndi pa ga exits...
e2 po contact ko 09282359315 asap po...
tga bicol po ako..

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