Payroll Management System

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Nice work. Please send me the source codes.

You can check your email. I have sent the source codes.

After installation, locate the data.mdb file in the installation directory. Then, create a folder called data. move the data.mdb file to the data folder. After that, run the program and use password: ADMIN and username: ADMIN

Kindly upload the source code...

This post will be remove after 24 hours if you fail to upload your source code.

I will upload the source code tomorow at 0800 hrs


sir, kindly upload a simple system in java codes.. like a Class reservation system..


where do you upload the source code,

i want to please download the source code and use it for research purpose

Its ok. go ahead and download it.

Simply click on the image and you will be directed to where it is. when there, click on the word where XXXX represents the software name. the download will then start normally.
Thank and regards


Tnak you very much

Please send me the source code. thanks you very much...

its pretty cul, pls send me its source code

i find out something

Can you please help with me the source code i want to go through. can it work with mssql instead of MSACCESS?.

who has some systems that could help me making my project.?

can you please send me the codes source...nice project btw.

Dear sir,

Pls send me the code too

Mail id is. [email protected]

sir please snd me the simple cod

kindly send m a source code for the automatic payroll to [email protected] very much


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