SMS Sending using Huawei Modem

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This simple program is capable of sending SMS using HUAWEI Dongle Modem (like Globe Tatoo USB Modem and alike) . The program is written in Visual Basic 6.0 using AT Commands...

Hope this simple program of mine could help you! ^_^

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hellow, how do we make the SMS Sending using Huawei Modem code work in

Thank you very much.....
the code is running the problem is how could we receive the message
if its okay i would like to know ....
Thank you so much once again

kahit d successfull, message sent parin magi2ng message box po eh...

the codes work for me sir...
your such a genius....
the output of you code is this
do you know how to set a permanent message to be send using your code...

do you know how to make your code detect port automaticaly

I got same problem with auto mscomm port detection do you have codes

I got same problem with auto mscomm port detection do you have codes

Can you help us make our project?. it is a sending and receiving software using visual basic... first we use a software, but our teacher said to program it manually. Please help. tnx. God bless

Message sent but not received on my phone

what is commport

how to convert this code to PHP

Please I have tried your codes it is only sending but sms not reach to my phone. Now help me how I can get a right solution here

I didnt receive any msg ..whats the problem?

Whichever port i used it keep showing "invalid port number". Any assistance please?

unable to download the source code. how can i download it.

Thank you very much, It works. Do you have codes for auto mscomm(modem connectrd) port detection?

Than you very much!
it works. Do you have codes for comm port(modem connected) auto detection?

Modem Autodetection :) all i need is how to send multiple recipients ? :D

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