.NET SMS SERVER with Database (Sending and Receiving SMS using AT Commands via GSM Modem/GSM Phone )

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You can request for the Demo version or Purchase the full source code of .NET SMS Server (pure AT commands, no OCX or dll) , just contact me @ the addresses below. DEMO CODE: As requested, here's the .NET version of Sending SMS using AT commands. It is tested on a Nokia E63 using bluetooth communication and to a USB GSM Modem. Please download the sample project(.zip) For Questions and Comments:



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send it to this email : [email protected]
please and
advance thanks

kindly email me @ [email protected]

Hi good day need your help we are having trouble to find code for our sms traker. our system is about ordering system and accept deliveries. just pm me back thanks

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

Pls visit my fb fan page facebook.com/emondsoft

sir pahingi naman po code ng sms send and recieve sms using usb modem..
gmail:[email protected]

sir pahingi rin po ng source code nito sending and recieve sms in vb 2010 using usb modem ,para sa system project namin sa SAD..please
send nalang po dito:
gmail:[email protected]
fb:[email protected]

sir pwede po ba makahingi ng source nito para sa thesis namin
[email protected]
[email protected]

Help naman po pede send nio sa akin ung mga codes how to send...
visual basic 2010 sending to a cellphone using globe tatto..
help naman po... plss...
send nalags po sa fb ko [email protected]
help po...

sir please tulong lang po. di ko makuha kasi po yun logic or pano iexecute yun codes ng real time notification. basta po maiinotify po yun software na may new message na po na dumating.

and yun pano pag full na po yun inbox.. salamat po looking forward for your response

[email protected]

Hello sir Emond

Kailangan ko po ng source code sa .net. paanu ko kayo ma contact?
or Please e-mail me.
[email protected]

Sir e paano nman kung mag sesend to many ako sa mga contacts..? for thesis also po..

Hi can I have its full working code, my email is [email protected]

Many Thanks in advance

I really need this.. i am looking the so long SIR pwedi po makahingi ng Source code kc kailangan lang po sa thesis this is a great help to me .... i hope you can help me..... thank you very very much eto po email ku [email protected] and sa mga na sendan at meron na po ng copy pwedi po pahingi.... salamat..

Can you email the project to me master?[email protected]

Can you email the project to me master?..

sir i have the same project.. the only problem is the notification / bulk / autoreply... can i have the code of this project? thanks

[email protected]

because its my finalyear project .... but you use GSM modem,but in my project want without GSM , via internet

because its my finalyear project .... but you use GSM modem in my project want without GSM , via internet

master i can't download the source code where i can download it pls help me master i need your source code for my thesis pls send to my email [email protected] thnx master in advanced.. keep on sharing god bless you...

sir pa copy po me ng full project plss. nid na nid ko po sa thesis. sana po mapasa nyu sa email ko
[email protected]


simple and straight forward technique
Thanks a lot

Hello sir. If the code exist can you please send it to me?
email : [email protected]
Thank you so much.

Hingi din po ako source code..

[email protected]

please sir, if you can send me the complete source code of your project using at commands and .net/mysql database

hi, can u send me the source code of this project? [email protected]

sir sample for this project...email : [email protected]

can u mail me VBNEt code for Sending and Receving SMS and ALOS can u help me in making mobile user inferfce that i have acces all features using PC and GSM Modem
my emial address is [email protected]

Good Day sir, I have a problem in my coding, will you give me the zip file of the program so that i can start my system. thank u sir, God bless us always.... [email protected]

sir pasend naman dito ng source code

email: [email protected]


really nice work!..can i put this in to my web..database-oracle,
language asp.net c#..
If u can send me reply thanks..
[email protected]..

Please could you send me the demo source code? Many thanks for your hard work.

[email protected]

sir pwede humingi ng demo version at codes salamat :D

ok, please post your email here:

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

Thanks for share

i want that software

You can request a copy of this.

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

Dear Sir, could you send the demo code to [email protected]

Best Regards

can u send me the demo code? [email protected]

i want a demo of your software so i understand and take a buy so please contact me as soon as possible [email protected]

sir pa send din sa email q.. ambangis ah :) dq kc magawa pag AT command eh.. gmagamit pa aq ng third party software! thanks in advance!!

[email protected]

The download link not working.Plz send the source to [email protected]

Can i get your sample code , can you please mail it to me at [email protected] ?.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Can i have the code sir...kailangan ko po kasi for my final requirement..in one of my subj..thanks:)

here is my y.mail account: [email protected] :) kahit ung code lng po

can i have the code sir pls..
[email protected] fb and yahoo sir..

Sir can I request for a demo version...
Thank you sir!
[email protected]

Sir pwdng makita ung sample codes mo sa vb.net na sending SMS using GSM modem..
Email: [email protected]
Gagamitin ko kasi sa thesis ko.

source code po para sa automatic switching of appliances using sms/modem di po kasi working ung nagawa namen.. please help me..

eto po email add ko [email protected]

tank for share

If its possible please i need the solution in C# [email protected]


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