Sales and Inventory System (VB.NET + MS Access) *UPDATED*

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This Sales and Inventory System is developed using Visual Basic .NET(Compatibility - Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012) and using MS Access 2010 database in the back end. So many users had problem with SQL server during connection with database in my last same project(Sales and Inventory System V1.0) so I created database in MS Access 2010 to help them to run project successfully. This is developed according to the requirements of company Kapco Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Here Product Code is Product name + Quantity of Product (like 1 kg, 250 gm etc.)
and Stock ID is Product Code + No. of Packets per Carton(like 100 packets per carton)
so every time you have to update the stock of product having unique Stock ID
when the order is placed its status will be uncompleted, you can complete order by generating its invoice using sales or invoice form
after generating invoice cartons and total Packets of product will be automatically decremented from stock of particular product having unique stock ID

Main Features are:
1. Customers(Super Distributors) and vendors Profile
2. Orders Processing
3. Inventory Management
4. Invoice Generation
5. Advance Records Searching
6. Advance Reports

Login Information :
Username - admin
Password - 12345

Requirements - Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012 and Crystal Report for VS 2010 must be installed on your system to run this Project Successfully
Database Location :

..\Sales and Inventory System\bin\Debug\SI_DB.accdb

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note: Source Code is only available for educational purpose , plz dont use it for commercial purpose without permission of original author

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Please i need your help and am new in programming.
i have created crystal report now i want to do like when i click on the button it should display the report and am using visual studio and Sql data base.
i will really appreciate for your help

Warning 4 The variable 'CrystalReportViewer2' is either undeclared or was never assigned. C:\Users\Jonalyn Santos\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\Sales and Inventory System\Sales and Inventory System\frmInVoicesReport.Designer.vb 174 0

Warning 24 Referenced assembly 'C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_64\log4net\\log4net.dll' targets a different processor than the application. Sales and Inventory System

How to add mysql database file in visual studio 2010 please quick reply
[email protected]

Basically, first, you need to add MySQL.Data.dll on your project. You can do this by downloading, install it, then add it to your project by adding it to your reference tab.

Vb ineed And access plss.
more ifo in codes thanks
gmail.. [email protected]


i got 102 errors and 26 warnings please help to solve the problems of errors and to understand the whole application and i am using visual studio 2010 professional thank you...

need a project of employee management with 2010 front end
ms-access db backend

sir, i downloaded the code you provided and installed 2010. but when i run the project it shows error. do i need to do something else?

pls i need an online tutor for my email id [email protected],com

hi ran the project on vs 2013 bt it threw a bunch of errors most of which were related to crystal reports. please assist me on how i wil connect the database to my vs

how can i download complete source

how can i find complete project this only update!
i need this project :
Sales and Inventory System (VB.NET + MS Access)
but complete if possible

anyone with the codes for hotel reservation to kindly update me

what is the database password of this system? please reply thnks


there is no download link.

i have all the requirements needed in this system but it still has a lot of error when i open it. please help !!

i have developed small project with vb.net2010 with msaccess2007...for even 1000 records time is taking one min to load data from msaccess into datagridview...could u sujjest resolve...

can you please give tutorials on you went about it from the beginning to the end, if in video or by pdf format.
my e-mail: [email protected]

Hello may i ask you..How could i see the connection with the sql?

sorry i dnt hv tym to make MySql version of Project.....u can edit it urself

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Nice... article... can i request a Mysql version of this system?

thank you... so much.


Imports System.Data.OleDB <<---- Imports System.Mysql.Data

Dim rdr As OleDbDataReader = Nothing <<---- Dim rdr as mysqldatareader

Dim con As OleDbConnection = Nothing <<---- Dim con as Mysqlconnection

Dim adp As OleDbDataAdapter <<---- Dim adp as Mysqldataadapter

Dim cmd As OleDbCommand = Nothing <<---- Dim cmd as mysqlcommand


even he would have to change Connection string....

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I want source code on Sales and Inventory Stystem(VB.Net+ms Access)

am doin sumtin familiar nid ideas from ur project

hi friends

i want to do project same like inventory management i like this project how i can download
please kindly give instructions [email protected]

garlapati jyotshna

to download code click on Download Code Button.......

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i'm arabic nationality
editing and speaking 50 %
with sorry
there are errors because of crystalreport version
i use vb 2008

please re type reports or how can i solve this problem

It won't work in VB.NET run this project successfully you must have installed VB.NET 2010 and Crystal Report for VS 2010........

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