Enrollment with Billing System in VB.Net and Bunifu Frameworks with Source Code

Modern Flat Design Enrollment with Billing System is a software-based system that is very helpful when used in a school where enrolment transaction is manually manipulated. This system can handle activities such as student application, registration, and billing. In this way, school staff administering the system can save a lot of time and will no longer experience lots of processing paperwork during the enrollment period. The functions are very easy to use that can be learned in no time. You are also ensured that the information of every enrolled student is securely stored in the database of the system. This system can also provide a receipt once the system is done with the payment. This system is a Modern Flat Design UI for the desktop application. It is made of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, MySQL Database, Sap Crystal Reports, and Bunifu Frameworks.


  • Manage Student
  • Manage Enrolment
  • Manage Subjects
  • Manage Academic Year
  • Manage Year Level
  • Manage Section
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Payments
  • Print Receipts
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Manage Encoder Rate
  • Generate Master List Reports
  • Generate Pie Chart for Enrolled Student by Year
  • Generate Students Copy
  • Login and Logout

How to Run

Requirements: Download and install the following:


  1. Download and Extract the provided source code zip file. (download button is located below)
  2. Open your XAMPP's Control Panel and start the "MySQL" server for your database and "Apache" so you can use the PHPMyAdmin to manage the database of xampp.
  3. Browse the PHPMyAdmin in a browser. http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  4. Create a new database naming 'dbenrolment'
  5. Locate and Import the provided SQL file into your newly created database. The SQL file is known as "dbenrolment.sql" included inside the extracted source code folder.
  6. Locate the Solution File in the source code folder. The file is known as "EnrollmentSystemVs.1.0.sln".
  7. Open the solution file with your MS Visual Studio Software.
  8. Press the "F5" key on your keyboard to run this Enrollment with Billing System in VB.NET and Bunifu Frameworks Project.

Admin Access Credential:

Username: admin
Password: admin


That's it! You can now explore and have an actual experience using this Enrollment with Billing System in VB.NET and Bunifu Frameworks Project. I hope you like it and this will help you with what you are looking for.

For more information about the system. You can contact me @
Email – [email protected]
Mobile No. – 09305235027 – TNT
Youtube Channel - https://bit.ly/2LPn9Wu
Or feel free to comment below.

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i love this code. is this code for sale? i mean the compiled program so that easy for me to install

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