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IT/CS Thesis Idea

Tenant Directory Management System using PHP/PDO with Source Code

This project is entitled Tenant Directory Management System that was developed using PHP/PDO. The system has a Floor Plan of the specific building that indicates the exact location of the stalls of each tenant of the specific commercial building. The system also processes the tenants' lease payments and electricity bill payments. This project has 3 images of floor plans which are the Ground Floor

Fighting Cock Information System using PHP with Source Code

The Fighting Cock Information System coordinates and integrates all essentials activities involved in running a fighting cock farm. The system had specified security and functionality standards for managing records and information. The primary purpose was to automate breeding, render timely services to each stage of chicken, maintained records and conditioning programs to make data retrieval easy

Online Student Management System in PHP/PDO with Source Code

Here’s an Online Student Management System that will surely help a school in managing and keep track of the information of every student. Compared to a manual that needs a lot of time in managing the information in a spreadsheet, this system can save you a lot of time and it will do all the work for you. It is a user-friendly system that school staff and admin can easily learn all the features in

Health Center Patient Record Management System using PHP with Source Code

The Health Center Patient Record Management System was developed using PHP, HTML, MYSQLi, and Javascript. I used Bootstrap as a front-end framework for the layout. The purpose of the system is to lessen the work time of each user and avoid redundancy of existing data. About The system is consists of two types of users, the admin, and the user. The admins can create, update, delete the user. It can

Enrollment with Billing System in VB.Net and Bunifu Frameworks with Source Code

Modern Flat Design Enrollment with Billing System is a software-based system that is very helpful when used in a school where enrolment transaction is manually manipulated. This system can handle activities such as student application, registration, and billing. In this way, school staff administering the system can save a lot of time and will no longer experience lots of processing paperwork

Game Result Matrix System using PHP with Source Code

Hi Guys! I want to share this Game Result Matrix System that I have developed. This system mainly generates reports of the specific event/tournament result. The system was built to store and generate the tournament/events Game Results of the annual multi-sport event for young athletes such as the School Intramurals, District Meet, Area Meet, National Games, and many more. This system generates

Electronic Medical Records System (EMR) using PHP with Source Code

Greetings from Malawi the warm heart of Africa, I have decided to share this complete project which can be used at a hospital or clinic and even someone can find it useful to learn PHP, JAVASCRIPT because this system does a lot of things javascript and PHP covers. The system is an electronic medical record (EMR) which means it performs the following functions. About This Electronic Medical Records

Patient Record Management System using PHP CodeIgniter with Source Code

This project is a Patient Records Management System using PHP and CodeIgniter Framework. This system manages and storing the patients' records in a certain hospital. The system stores the data in a database such as the Out-Patient Findings and Admission Details of a patient. By this, a certain hospital can easily retrieve the data or records of their patient without hassle. This Patient Records

Web Based Alumni Tracking System using PHP with Source Code and Documentation

This Web Application Project is called Web Based Alumni Tracking System. This was our project during Third Year for the Research project. It was originally written in PHP/MySQL and now updated to PHP/MySQLi. This simple alumni tracking web app is built for a certain school which is the Cagayan State University - Carig Campus. The system has an online form for the graduated student of the said