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Restore database

You can use this code to restore database into SQL server

  1. Private Sub BtnRestore_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles BtnRestore.Click
  2. Try
  3. Dim database = CmbDatabase .Text
  4. Dim ServrnameRestore = CmbServer .Text .Trim
  5. Dim OpenFile1 As New OpenFileDialog
  6. Dim Constr As String
  7. Constr ="Data Source=" & ServrnameRestore &"; Initial Catalog=master; Integrated Security=True"
  8. 'Open connection
  9. Dim sqlcon As SqlConnection
  10. Dim cmd As SqlCommand
  11. If OpenFile1 .ShowDialog = DialogResult.OK Then
  12. sqlcon = New SqlConnection(Constr)
  13. sqlcon.Open()
  14. ' OpenFileDialog1.ShowDialog()
  15. filename_Restore = OpenFile1 .FileName
  16. Dim StrQuery2 ="Restore Database " & database &" from disk ='" & filename_Restore &"' WITH FILE = 1, NOUNLOAD, REPLACE, STATS = 5"
  17. 'Excute query
  19. cmd = New SqlCommand (Strquery2 ,sqlcon)
  20. cmd.ExecuteNonQuery ()
  21. MessageBox .Show ("Database " & database & " has been restored successfull","Message", MessageBoxButtons .OK, MessageBoxIcon .Information )
  22. sqlcon.Close ()
  24. Else
  25. MsgBox ("Cancel",MsgBoxStyle.Information ,"Cancel")
  26. End If
  28. Catch ex As Exception
  29. MessageBox .Show (ex.Message ,"Message", MessageBoxButtons .OK , MessageBoxIcon .Warning )
  30. End Try
  31. End sub

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