Games Using C#

Games selection using c#.Net A simple project to play the games in win xp. for this purpose we use a class called process in c sharp. Create a form with Picture Boxes Add relevant picture to that picture boxes and double click. Write the code below like this to run the programs first of all define a string and assign the string with the path of the application you want to run.
  1. string str = @"c:\Windows\system32\spider.exe"; <csharp>
  3. and the define the class process .
  4. <csharp>Process process = new Process();<csharp>
  5. This needs <csharp>using System.Diagnostics;<csharp> namespace.
  6. Assign the string with this process
  7. <csharp>process.StartInfo.FileName = str;<csharp>
  9. start the process
  10. <csharp> process.Start();<csharp>
  11. That's all your App Ready to run the programs Integrated.
  13. How to find the program name and saved path:
  15. Just right click on the program select properties copy the target text box values for the path of the application .

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