NSO Demographic Application

This app is entitled NSO Demographic Application that was one of the capstone project/thesis project that I made for a particular school. This app features to provide a demographic survey of the National Statistics Office that will send to the server. For example, how many persons lived in one house, their occupation, their business, their education and a lot more. After that, this will find the percentage of each questions that was answered by the respondents. Furthermore, it helps the NSO to minimize their workload.

Bomb Explode! (An Android App Strategy Game)

This android app named Bomb Explode! is a capstone project that I made for a particular school. BOMB EXPLODE! is a Human Versus Computer strategy game. The objective is to eliminate the opponent by blowing up their BOMBS. Each player takes a turn by placing a BOMB in a square on the board. The human player can start by placing the first BOMB or have the computer start by pressing the Computer First button. A player can place the BOMB in any square not occupied by the opponent.

Electronics Engineering (ECE) Reviewer Android Application

ECE Reviewer app is an Android application (a capstone project) that caters the needs of Electronics Engineering students who wants to take a review for their exams. The app has four categories such as Mathematics, Electronics Engineering, Electronic Systems and Technologies, and General Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Text To Speech Application in Android Eclipse (Pronunciation Made Easy App)

This Android application entitled Pronunciation Made Easy was programmed by my younger brother as his project for their mobile application development subject. This application aims to help individuals who have difficulties or questions on how to pronounce certain words properly wherein the user may input words he wanted to know the correct pronunciation.

View and Display PDF Files in Android

I want to share this project of mine that can view and display PDF files on phone. It does not use Adobe Reader or any app but this is purely of hardcode. This android app views and display PDF files, gets the number of pages, and has zoom in and zoom out button to zoom the PDF. This greatly helps the students in their thesis/capstone projects that involves viewing of PDF files.

Calendar Application in Android

This is my sample Calendar Application written in B4A (formerly Basic4Android). This app is useful as resources to your projects and in thesis making. This app can be used for reminders, adding notes to the date, create events, and many more. This is really a useful app when making a concerned event applications. Install MyCalendar.apk to your android phone to run the app. The apk file is on the object folder. For more inquiries and need programmer for your thesis systems in any kind of programming languages, just contact my number below. Best Regards, Engr.