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JavaScript Tutorial

jQuery Spoiler

Introduction: This tutorial is on how to create a jQuery/Javascript spoiler. This will allow large containers such as images to be hidden/shown depending on the users preference. HTML: First we need to make the basic HTML file. This will include the html, head, and body tags for the standard HTML structured file... jQuery Includes: Now, to use jQuery within our file, we need to include it. We can

Real Time Digital Clock in Javascript

Introduction: This tutorial is on how to create a real time digital clock in Javascript. HTML Template: Before we can create a javascript clock, we need a basic HTML template file. Here's a basic html, head, body layout... onLoad Listener: Javascript has an inbuilt listener called 'onLoad' which can be added to the 'body' HTML tag of our HTML template file which will run the parsed function once

Interact With Webpage Using Chrome and jQuery - Mass Follow on Twitter!

Introduction: This tutorial is on how to use basic jQuery knowledge and Google Chrome to manipulate a webpage. Notes: The webpage we will be using for this is Twitter of which we will be following a page full of users with a simple, one line jQuery command. First: You need to find a list of users of which have the 'Follow' button displayed next to them. I would recommend going to a Twitter user

Basic Tabs in Javascript

Introduction: This tutorial is on how to create simple, small tabs in Javascript. When I say 'small tabs', I mean that this shouldn't be used for tabs holding large amounts of content. HTML: First we want to create a text area in which we are going to be holding the tab content... Then we want a few buttons to act as options to change the current tabs. We simply parse the tab number to the

List Manipulator in Javascript

Introduction: This tutorial is on how to create a simple array re-orderer in Javascript. HTML: We are going to have a few HTML elements, here are the details... Textarea, named area, to contain the original list. Button, to reverse the list. Button, to sort the list a-z. Button, to sort the list z-a. Button, to randomise the list. Reverse Sort A-Z Sort Z-A Randomise Reverse: As you can see from

String Structure Checker in Javascript

Introduction: This tutorial is on how to create a structure checker for basic plain text in Javascript. Why? This tool would be used for ensuring data that is getting parsed through functions, databases and/or files is in the correct format and would not cause an error. This example tool is for removing multiple spaces at once, for example; ->Hi there! would be replaced with: ->Hi there! HTML: The

Count the Number of Checkbox with Check Value Using Javascript

This tutorial will teach you on how to count the number of checkbox with checked value using Javascript. This is useful for thus programmer who is creating an online voting; by using this tutorial you can put a filter that allows only specific number of candidates to be vote in every position. To start this tutorial follow the steps bellow. Creating Our Javascript This step includes the creation

Check And Unchecked All Checkbox Using Javascript

This tutorial will help you on how to check and unchecked all checkbox in your form using javascript. This tutorial will be helpful to thus programmer who are developing a system that involves many checkbox with check and unchecked function. This feature is very useful also for user because they don't have to check the checkbox one by one. Follow the steps bellow to understand more in this

Creating Quiz using JavaScript and HTML

The Quiz is created by designing it in HTML and Quiz Logic in JavaScript. It's a very basic and easy to implement Quiz Program. In the quiz program, one question is displayed at a time. It has two buttons next and previous. Answers are selected by checking radio buttons. Step 1: Design part: Form is created and <legend> tag is used to give title to the form. Inside the <fieldset> tag a table is