YouTube Bookmark Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Source Code

Welcome to YouTube Bookmark, a sleek and intuitive web application designed to revolutionize how you manage and access your favorite YouTube videos. With a seamless blend of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, YouTube Bookmark empowers you to curate a personalized video library, ensuring that your most cherished content is just a click away. At the heart of YouTube Bookmark is its user-centric approach

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Using PHP with Source Code

Welcome to the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader, a user-friendly web tool crafted with PHP to simplify the process of downloading thumbnails from YouTube videos. This project combines modern technologies to offer an intuitive and efficient platform for users seeking to capture eye-catching thumbnails effortlessly. The application boasts features such as live previews, error handling, and a responsive

YouTube Video Bookmark Using PHP and MySQL with Source Code

Welcome to the innovative YouTube Video Bookmark project, a dynamic web application that simplifies the process of managing and organizing your favorite YouTube videos. Developed using PHP and MySQL, this project offers a user-friendly interface designed to enhance your video bookmarking experience. The application boasts features such as video preview, enabling users to paste YouTube links and

How to Embed Youtube Videos in HTML

Step 1: Visit a Youtube video link you want to embed. Step 2: Under the video, click Share. Step 3: Click Embed. Step 4: From the modal box that appears, copy the HTML code Step 5: Paste the code wherever in your blog or website HTML Done Sample Code Here How to Embed Youtube Videos in HTML How to Embed Youtube Videos in HTML Note: &nbsp&nbsp Video Author: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp

Get Youtube Video Thumbnails using VB 2008

This sample program demonstrates how to get youtube video thumbnails using VB 2008. Just enter the video URL at the textbox then using simple string manipulation, the program extracts the video id from the URL. The video id is the unique identifier of the video generated by youtube when the video was uploaded. This video id is necessary for retrieving the thumbnails for the videos.

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