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MasterMind Game in C# Free Source Code

This project is called MasterMind Game . It is a software-based game developed using C# . In this game, the user must guess the correct combination of colors to win. It has a simple user interface and user-friendly features and functionalities. The source code is available on this website and is free to download. How does the MasterMind Game work? The MasterMind Game has 2 panels/columns inside

Converting an HTML to PDF in C#/ASP.NET Tutorial

This is a C#/ASP.NET tutorial for converting an HTML to a PDF. This tutorial can be useful for those students or newbies in the said programming language that are planning to develop web application projects that can generate reports into a PDF File. I have also provided a tutorial demo video about the said tutorial. Here's the following script that I used to develop the simple C#/ASP.NET Project

Payroll System in C# and MySQL Database Free Source Code

Introduction This Payroll System is an automated system whose main goal is to handle all payroll tasks such as calculating overtime of employees, holidays, deductions, and their total Net Income . This system also contains a Report wherein you the admin can view the Weekly Payroll and Payslip of employees. It’s a user-friendly system that anyone managing it can easily use the features of it. If

Free Final Year Projects for Computer Science and IT Students 2020-2021

Final Year Projects for Computer Science or IT Students This article list some projects that can be used for Final Year Projects for IT (Information Technology) and Computer Science students. The projects are developed or written using PHP , Visual Basic .NET , C# , and Python . These projects will help you to enhance or your knowledge and skills in developing software-based , web-based , or

Billing System Using VB.Net and MS Access Database with Source Code

This Water billing system is an automated system that aims to minimize the process of paying the water bills. It is also designed to accommodate complex water requirements and day-to-day work. It’s an easy-to-use system and the functions can be easily learned. This system allows the user to access customer’s information. This can also create invoices and manage the payments.

Marvelous Makeovers Beauty Salon System using VB.NET with Free Source Code

This is a simple Transaction Management System for a Salon . This simple project is entitled Marvelous Makeovers Beauty Salon System that was develop using VB.NET . The program manages the payment/billing transaction of a certain Salon. The transaction can be done by selecting the client's desired Haircut, Package, Outfit Style, Makeup, Clothing, and additionals . This system does not have any

Enrollment System in C# and MySQL Database with Source Code

If you are looking for an Automated Enrollment System , well this one is just right for you. This Enrollment System has the capability of reducing the time and effort in the entire enrollment process . Mean to say, this can solve the school’s lack of manpower and time-consuming system . With the help of this system, you can also eliminate unnecessary paperwork, this has brought a new level of the

Registration System using VB.NET & MySQL Database with Source Code

Hi Guys! I would like to share this Simple School Registration System (flat UI design)using VB.NET framework 4.5 and MySQL Database. This simple program mainly registering Multiple types of users and login according to the user types. The main purpose I have shared in this simple program is to help other programmers especially those beginners and self-learners. In this system, only the admin user

Simple Gallery Studio in C# with Source Code

This is a simple app requested by a friend of mine and I wish to share it with the public. This app was built using on visual studio 2013 as the front end and the MSSQL server as the back end. The program/app is called Gallery Studio . The program allows users to easily upload any image type and later view them as a photo album as well as delete them. I have used MS SQL Server to store the

Simple College Management System using C# with Source Code

The idea of developing the “College Management System” project has come to our mind when we go to the College of computer education where we see that the data is handled manually in the form of files. This is an attempt to create a project “College Management System” through which will show all the working of College will be automated. It can be used both in top-level and bottom-level management