Login using Visual Basic (VB6) and MS Access Database

LOGIN into Access using Visual Basic(VB6) Previously I had created a database connection to MS access using Visual Basic(VB6) at https://kogibay.com . In this project I have gone further to create a login system using VB6 and access database. Feel free to access this source code but always mention the coder or his email [email protected]

Sales and Inventory System - VB6 + Ms Access 2003

JB Sales and Inventory System This Sales and Inventory System is developed using Visual Basic 6 and using MS Access 2003 database in the back end. This is developed according to my school project requirements for the subject of Computer Programming III (Visual Basic). Main Features are: 1. Customers(Super Distributors) and vendors Profile 2. Orders Processing 3. Inventory Management 4. Invoice

Simple 3D with Cross-Eye view

It's based upon the "Simple 3D" program by mrdobLedos. I expanded it with a second similar animation to create a real 3D view of the animation using the Cross-Eyed View. The cross-eyed method can be used on stereoscopic pictures/animation where the left image is on the right side and vice versa. It requires no 3D glasses or gear, only the desire to learn. 1) Look at what looks like two identical

Nikita Movies (vb6, asp, xml, mdb)

Nikita Movies was developed with the purpose of making "movie lovers" a program that allows you to search and play movies online. The information structure is well elaborated, containing menus for specific search or by typing a "keywords" in the Search bar. Users will be able to search for movies through categories in the Categories menu or by a certain keyword by typing it into the text box at

Math 4 Kids

This is a simple math application I made just for my nephew to make him familiar of 4 basic math operations. This application has a function to generate a random math questionnaire and let the user answer. If the answer is wrong then the system show the correct answer in a nice visual process.