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School Management System

School Management System Description :- This School Management System build using VB.Net in Visual Studio 2012. This system contains Student management, Staff management, Exam management, User management, Class management, Subject management, Fees management, Accounts and Payment. Prerequisites :- .NET Framework 4.5 SAP Crystal Report Runtime 2015. Microsoft Office 2013 AccessDatabaseEngine Key

Send SMS Using Desktop

This project written in VB.NET 10 as front end and MS Access as back end. This is useful for Classes, Schools,Trust,Colleges etc. User can Add 1. Master Data 2. Group 3. Send SMS with Multiple Languages with own Sender ID i.e. CBSBI, AxixBk, IDBIBk, etc. & Get Also Reports of Master & Hitory of SMS , Create templates of SMS etc. User-ADM Password-ADM For students or anyone else who needs program

Birthday Notifier

An application that serves as a desktop text messenger. You can manage your contacts and their personal information especially their birth dates. It will notify you who's birthday it is and will ask you if you want to send them a birthday greeting. You can also send messages to anyone you want. Created in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Database: Local Database (.sdf file) Hardware requirement: USB

Real Estate Management System with SMS Notification

Features/Functions 1. Manage Subdivisions Information 2. Manage Clients Information 3. Manage Lot Information 4. Manage Contract Information 5. Manage Payments 6. Daily Payment Collections Report 7. Monthly/Yearly Payment Collections Report 8. Monthly/Yearly Sold Lot Report 9. Monthly/Yearly Sales 10. Penalty 11. SMS Notification 12. Summary Report DEMO VIDEO HERE:

Sending Multiple SMS To Multiple Contacts At once using Basic4Android

This is a demo apps about sending Multiple SMS To Multiple Contacts At Once using Basic4Android. Please install the apk installer and Please like my facebook page, Technical support: [email protected]/09498982823 Thanks!

School Management System with Bulk SMS Support

School Management System with SMS Support developed using Visual Basic with MS Access Database. The key features of this application are as follow 1. Admission, Registration and Evaluation (Requirements Check) of students. 2. Student Assessment Form wherein students are assigned to particular school department, year level and section. 3. Accounting / Cashiering - a module used to manage student