simple inventory

Inventory Management System in PHP and Codeigniter with Source Code

Hi everyone. This simple inventory management system allows you to manage the day to day inventory of an organization. The system allows the system users to export into CSV or xlsx (excel) file and also ready to print. You can also set up role permission for other members or system users dynamically which means you can create multiple user roles and manage their pages and functionalities of the

Simple Inventory Sytem using PDO (For Beginners!)

1. OPEN phpmyadmin and create your desired database name. 2. While you are in your desired database, upload the sql file included in the project. 3. Change the database name in db.php to your desired database name. 4. run using your web server (Ex. wamp or xampp) and enjoy! In this inventory system you can: Add/Edit/Delete Items View number of items sold Search for existing items Add Quantity to