Seat Reservation System

Bus Seat Reservation System in JavaScript Free Source Code

Introduction This simple project is a Bus Seat Reservation System. This is a web-based application project developed in JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS. The main goal of this JavaScript Project is to create an automated platform for Booking or Reserving Seats on Bus. This application is only a demo project and data are only stored using the local storage. The source code only demonstrates the

Online Bus Reservation System in Python using Django Free Source Code

Online Bus Reservation System using Django in Python This project is entitled Online Bus Reservation System. This is a web-based application that provides an online platform for the Bus Company's customers/passengers to book their seats ahead of time. The application helps the passengers to find the available scheduled bus trip that matches their desired depart date and destination. The

Online Bus Ticket Reservation Using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

The Bus Ticket Reservation System using PHP/MySQLi is my thesis, I upload this project because I want to help thus other programmers. One of the features of this project is it has a seat inventory feature, in which you cannot reserve the seat that has been already reserve with others. This system allows the customer or the passenger to instantly reserve their bus ticket and has a simple printable