Online Bus Ticket Reservation Using PHP/MySQL

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This is my thesis, I upload this because i want to help thus other programmer. This system was made of PHP. The feature of this system are, it has seat inventory, which you cannot reserve the seat that has been already reserve with other. Second is it allows you to reserve ticket instantly. Download this code and try it with your own, to see the other function behind with this code. Thank you and hope this code will help you.

The database name is "ticket"

admin username:admin
admin password: admin

note: in the zip file attach it include both database and php file

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Hello from where i can download this application

wla pong login saka d ko makita ung route data pero po naka import naman sya pa help please


Awesome program. It's so cool and simple everything working perfectly

I was directed to this site by a friend, It is one of the sites that I have been looking for the rest of my life.
Thank you so much.

Hello, the adminhome.html does not contain any code. Meaning that it is blank.


I noticed that a number of people are finding it difficult to install or run the above software.

If you are not skilled in PHP & Mysql then an alternative is the cloud based ticketing solution at


GTFS | Realtime Status | Vehicle Position | Online Ticketing

Thank Chris. The project is cute and on point. Very easy to work with as long as phpmysql is concerned. But will want to use php lastest technologies for this like (Mysqli OR PDO) functions. Great Job man! Love to meet your kind in person cos you are opened.

can you pleas help me with these?

please send me hard copy

Really thank you man for this, i really saved my ass on some project.

How can I add other transport operators. Example if I have transport A B and C how can I integrate the three transport company into this app so that clients can browse through the three tranport copanies and make decision on what's best for them

thanks alot for the code. it has really helped me to finalize on my final project

sir, do u have any documentation for this? will use lang po for our final thesis, thanks ! kindly reply nlng po in this email [email protected] thanks in advance! God Bless!

i like the php

Already tried everything to activate the database on my server but gives only to create new database in my Mysql database and shopmp5_ticket

You did a nice job. keep it up

plse anybody help me how to work this database.
how to connect this data abse.
ples tell me full procedure for this website showing result

Go to phpmyadmin page make new database give it name to (ticket) after this then go to Sql Tabe and paste the code that u already download it)click on go and enjoy ..

the index page is running but there is no any data to proceed. means its not showing anything like routes n all.
is that important to import the database
plzz help.

thank you chritian for your valuable project.Hopefully i will learn much more about php scripting in this project.THANKS..

This is very much great and hope fully nice blog. Every body can easily found her need able information. I am visit first time but I fond many use full article. I will back again when get time.

Thank You very Much............

Your blog is truly sensational as always. Great work. Keep it up. Looking forward to reading some more of your blog postings.

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well.

hey, superb site... can you tell me hw many tables did u create in the databse..???

This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. This is very nice one and gives in depth information.

hey i really wanted to try out your code but i cant see the zip file

san ko po b dapat i-paste tong ticket.sql? tnx and godbless...

import muh sa ginawa mung data base !!1

I want to run this in localhost
I created the database and imported the sql file, but i can't get the result.
As well us how can i modify hostname, database name to check this website online....?

Can I buy your script with small changes. If you are interested, please reply to aneslin(at)

Hi,this rar file didn't get extract to folder.How to solve and run this file

1st download WinRAR software and install
2nd right click on the rar file & select extract all file
3rd start the xampp
4th move extract file path of installed xampp example:c/programfile/xamplet/htdocs/extract file put hear
5th initialize browser any one either ex,mozila,crome.opera
then put on the address bar localhost/extract file folder/index.php
then press enter
just you get whatever you need This advice from Ethiopia dawit 10q


Nothing in this project. Because different person can select same bus sheet.

I thnk the system is quiet ayt.. i like it... yah a prob with it loadin pages.. might be caused by that ajax script

Hi. How can i run this? I'm just new in php. Thank you my e-mail is [email protected]

Hi. How can i run this? I'm just new in php. Thank you

its good !
the problem is ?
the loading is very tagal !

The login page is not showing

Hi i am also facing the same problem regarding the login page.
I am not able to find the login page and also i am also not ABLE TO SELECT THE ROUTE

Hi. How can i run this? I'm just new in php. Thank you

for that you have to install xampp. after installing it u can see htdocs file. save this code inside that folder give it a name(foldername) . and then open your browser and type localhost/foldername.

i followed the step given by you, but i found some element missing. admin login is gone, the route is empty. the sql is already imported into database though..what kinda a mistake i have done?

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