Online Quiz System Using PHP with Source Code

In today's fast-paced digital age, the education landscape is continually evolving, with technology playing a pivotal role in enhancing the learning experience. Online educational platforms have emerged as a versatile and effective means of imparting knowledge. As part of this educational transformation, the "Online Quiz System Using PHP" project offers a dynamic and interactive way to assess and

Simple Online Quiz System Project using PHP with Source Code

Simple Online Quiz System using PHP with free source code. This project was developed using HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax and Bootstrap [ https://getbootstrap.com/ ]. In this project, the faculty of the school can create their quizzes or even homework quizzes. To learn about this project please continue reading. About the Project The Simple Online Quiz System is a project that can be

Creating Quiz using JavaScript and HTML

The Quiz is created by designing it in HTML and Quiz Logic in JavaScript. It's a very basic and easy to implement Quiz Program. In the quiz program, one question is displayed at a time. It has two buttons next and previous. Answers are selected by checking radio buttons. Step 1: Design part: Form is created and <legend> tag is used to give title to the form. Inside the <fieldset> tag a table is created with id attribute.