Sales And Inventory System with Online Reservation in PHP/CodeIgniter with Source Code

This project is a Sales and Inventory System with Online Reservation in PHP/CodeIgniter. This project manages the sales transaction and inventory (stock monitoring) of a certain School Bazaar. This system has an admin panel where the admin user can manage the data such as the product list. The admin can also create a dynamic user role that can manage the limited access in the admin staff such as a

Simple POS and Inventory Management System in PHP with Source Code

This is a Simple POS and Inventory System using PHP/PDO. This project can help a certain shop or store manage its sales transactions and inventory monitoring. The system has 2 types of user which is the Admin and the Cashier. The Admin is in charge to populate the important data into the database such as the product list. The admin user has access to all features and functionalities of this system

Sales and Inventory Management Software Microsoft Access (VBA)

This is a Sales and Inventory Management System in using Microsoft Access. Here all the records are stored in the software. Record about the products and bills. Sales and Inventory Management Software In VBA (Microsoft Access) is Developed Using VBA + Access Database. This system manages records such as the suppliers, stocks, product categories, customers, employees, products, sales, reports and

Pharmacy Sales Management System (POS) using VB.NET and MySQL with Source Code

Hi, this is a school project that might help other IT students or self-learners that studying vb.net programming. This Pharmacy Sales Management System / Point of Sale System (POS) source code was developed using VB.net and MySQL database. The system has a simple management of product feature which are the list of medicine, creating new, updating product, and adding a new stock. Talking about cash

Inventory Management System Using Java

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR GOODS AND AVOID LOSSES) This is an inventory system built with Java Netbeans IDE (You can download the source code from YouTube under Description ) It can be used in various businesses ranging from pharmacies, chemists, supermarkets,warehouses, cosmetics stores, electronics stores...etc It's all about people who wants to digitalise their

Pharmacy/Chemist POS and Invoicing Software

Pharmacy POS /Chemist Management System allows User to sell medicine , Over the counter or at any Hospital, Easily Integrated with Email to SEND invoices and Print Receipt. This is one of my very best Project i Decided to Share with you Guys FEATURES 1. Point of Sale (POS) and Invoicing 2. Transaction Management 3. Diffrent methods of Payments 4. Email Intergration 5. Transaction Reversal 6

Sales and Inventory Management Software(With Barcode And Accounting)

Sales and inventory system is Best Sales and Inventory Management Software used to simultaneously track sales activity and inventory. Sales and Inventory Management System software is intended to collect, maintain and update all the information about the shop. This software has been developed using VB.NET as front-end language and SQL server as back-end language which is supported by Microsoft

Point of Sale System

It has an inventory for products information, as well as supplier information table and customer. Customer is exclusively use only for certified customer of the store. Ability: - Can add, edit, delete item, customer, and supplier - It has 2 user(exclusive only for salesperson, and admin) - You can see sales history - You can compute daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sales - You can monitor your

POS with Inventory System

This is a very simple POS and Inventory System created using Visual Basic. Hope this project will help you in your future project. If you want to revise this system, feel free to do so. Hope you learn from this project. This is submitted by: Ryan Cequina Carl Ben Cezar Michelle Anne Grijaldo Rofer Tayong For the completion of our subject in theodbs by Sir Roldan.