Inventory Management System Using Java


INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR GOODS AND AVOID LOSSES) This is an inventory system built with Java Netbeans IDE (You can download the source code from YouTube under Description ) It can be used in various businesses ranging from pharmacies, chemists, supermarkets,warehouses, cosmetics stores, electronics stores...etc It's all about people who wants to digitalise their businesses. *****KEY FEATURES***** BARCODE SCANNER FEATURE (can scan and retrieve products with barcode and via key input too.) EXPIRATION FEATURE (notifies the Admin when a product has less than 4 month to expire and also detects when a product has expired) STOCK ALERT FEATURE (notifies the Admin when a product is about to finish) PRINTING FEATURE (it can print receipt after sale) PROFIT CHART: ability to see monthly sales in a chart SALES ACCOUNTING: (it automatically calculate the daily sales of every items sold.., and other previous dates too) DEBTOR LIST: Ability to keep records of customers that bought goods without paying. AUTO RETURN: Your Customer returns an item that was bought?? No problem, this software got you covered. BALANCE LIST: Keeps record of customers who are yet receive their balance after items bought PEER-TO-PEER CONNECT: You can use it with 2 or more Computers

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