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POS System

Customer Relationship Management System Plus POS

Download Customer Relationship Management System Plus POS with free source code. This is suitable for beginners and advanced programmer. Created using C # and Microsoft SQL Server database. Here's the list of features of the program: User Privilages ( Admin\User) Customer Details Delaer Details Product Details POS System/Transaction Customer Complain Email Send to the Special Event(Customers

Point Of Sale v1.0 (C# and Sql Server)

This Project is developed using C#4.5 and SQL Server 2012 for thesis of my client. Main Features are : 1.Customer Management 2.Supplier Management 3.Stock Management 4.Sales Management 5.Customer Kiosk (Separate customer page for tracking orders,Placing orders and mnay more) 6.Products management 7.Advanced Reports Admin Login Information: Username- admin Password- 12345 Customers Login

C++ POS System

Details 1. POS System of Burger stores 2. No database. 3. With inventory 4. with senior discount(12%) 5. With waste inventory 6. with return & exchange inventory 7. Press Alt+Enter to view full screen 8. For Visual C++ 6.0 Console Application 9. Inventory password: lowest 10. Cashier: user: jm, password: jm 11. Press 'S' for down arrow and 'W' for up arrow 12. Press Enter to select and Backspace