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This is a system in the hospital PCGH The Back End is SQl server 2008
if you want to finish this project juct contact me ^_^

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What to perform after Database Logon and Not To ask Password Ever Again

the content of database is "incorrectly formed" i cant restore it

hi do you have source code of c++ cashier program can you help me email me [email protected] god bless thanks asap!!!!1

Can you re-upload the database,this one seems to be incorrectly formed,i can not restore. Your concept looks good,i just want to learn afew things from you.thanks.

me too i need instruction on how to connect to the database...

Step1: install sql server 2008 w/ management studio
copy the back up file database and paste the drive c: ms sql server look folder your server database and paste the back up folder
step2: restore the datase from sql server back up folder
open sql server management studio then Restore the database..
if you have already restore you need to change
the connection string

Imports System.Data.SqlClient

Module connect
Public Con As SqlConnection
Public constr As String
Public usertype As String

Public Sub main()
Dim servername = "PPCI-PC" 'change this your own Pc servername
Dim serverdatabase = "PCGHDatabase"
Dim serverpassword = "ppci" 'change this your own password databse

constr = "Data Source=" & servername & " ;Initial Catalog=" & serverdatabase & ";User Id=sa;Password=" & serverpassword & ";"
Con = New SqlConnection(constr)
'MsgBox("Server Connection is Open ! ")

Catch ex As Exception
'MsgBox("Sorry Can not open connection ! ")

End Try

End Sub

End Module


just Send your msg at my yahoo account/FB: [email protected]

System Developer and Web Developer

>Programming in The Future Technology<

Thank you very much...

Welcome My friend
happy Coding ^_^


just Send your msg at my yahoo account/FB: [email protected]

System Developer and Web Developer

>Programming in The Future Technology<


can you please tell me how to use the database?

my database is Sql server 2008
you need to install the sql server 2008 and the back file on dataBase folder PCGHDatabase.bak (back up) youn need to copy this on drive c:/ms sql server/database/back file
and goto the sql server management studio you need to Restore the database ^_^


just Send your msg at my yahoo account/FB: [email protected]

System Developer and Web Developer

>Programming in The Future Technology<

sir ano po contact no. nyu

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