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Design and Implementation of Covid-19 Directory on Vaccination System in PHP Source Code

Introduction The aim of the study is to design a COVID-19 information management system that will accurately store and retrieve information on covid-19 vaccination in order to control the spread of the pandemic. This project was developed using PHP Language as the backend and MySQL Database. The application is a web-based platform to verify the vaccination record of the individual online. It

Employees Pay Slip PDF Generator System with Email using PHP/OOP Free Source Code

Introduction This simple project is an Employees Pay Slip PDF Generator System. This project is a web-based application developed in PHP and MySQL Database. The system provides an online platform for the company to generate the payslip of their employees. Management can directly send the employees' payslips easily without any hassle. This system has a pleasant user interface with the help of

Poultry Farm Management System in PHP Source Code Free Download

The Poultry Farm Management System is an online system that helps farmers to manage all activities carried out on a poultry farm, including the sale of chickens, trucking, and seeing what is happening in the farms without having to visit them. Farm managers and owners can use this system to view information about their poultry farms, such as sales data, invoices, and more. This helps them to make

Online Veterinary Appointment System using PHP/OOP Free Source Code

Introduction This is a PHP Project entitled Online Veterinary Appointment System. It is a web-based application that provides an online appointment platform for Veterinary Clinic's clients. This project manages the appointment requests of pet owners online. This allows the clients to book an appointment to desired dates if there's a slot available. It has a pleasant user interface and is easy to