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pharmacy system

Pharmacy Sales and Inventory System in PHP using CodeIgniter Framework Free Source Code

Introduction This project is a Pharmacy Sales and Inventory Management System. This is a web-based application project developed in PHP, CodeIgniter Framework, and MySQL Database. This project was mainly developed to provide the Pharmacy Business with an online platform to manage their daily Sales Transactions and Inventory. It can help them to easily store, retrieve, and manage data or records on

Multi Language Pharmacy Management System in PHP Free Source Code

Multi-language pharmacy management system (MPMS) is developed in PHP and MySQL. It is the new way of managing the pharmacy. It has been designed to support the pharmacy, Products, categories, and orders in multiple languages. It can be used by pharmacists all over the world. Pharmacy management systems are designed to improve overall information flow in the pharmacy business. They can help

Pharmacy Point of Sale System using PHP and SQLite Free Source Code

Introduction This is a PHP Project entitled Pharmacy's Point of Sale System. This project is a web-based application that helps a certain pharmacy to manage its sales transaction. The project will help the said business to process their day-to-day transactions with their customers. This will also help them to monitor the accurate available stock of the drugs they are selling. I developed this

Pharmacy's Dispensing Management System using PHP/PDO with Source Code

This is a simple Pharmacy's Dispensing Management System programmed using PHP/PDO. The system has 4 types of users are the Administrator, Pharmacist, Doctor, and Receptionist. The Administrator User can manage all the features of the system and he/she is the only user who can create a new system user. The Pharmacist Users have access to managing the stock of the medicinal drugs and they are the

Pharmacy/Medical Store Point of Sale System Using PHP/MySQL and Bootstrap Framework with Source Code

This is a Pharmacy/Medical Store Point of Sale (POS) System. This was developed using PHP and MySQL Database. The system manages the Pharmacy's Sales transaction with their customers and also manages their medicinal products stocks. The system stores the products along with some details such as the supplier and the product categories. The product categories are dynamically stored in the database

Pharmacy Point of Sale and Inventory System VB.NET

Pharmacy Point of Sale and Inventory System This is a pharmacy point of sale and inventory system written in VB.NET. Features of this System Categories Suppliers Customers Order Order Payment Employees Products Monitor Expired Products Point of Sale List Of Transactions Update Balance payment Expenses Inventory Daily, Weekly, Monthly Report Stocks In Stocks Out Reports Reorder Level Monitoring